The List: Top 5 wedding movies,or rather movies that have a wedding in them at one point.

Let’s face it this whole Willy and Kate shindig has been all over the news and tv, and we may as well address it now. Don’t get me wrong I love weddings, and I have been in a few and invited to a few more and I always have a great time (free food, drunk ladies, and I clean up damn well.) But whenever you see a wedding portrayed in a movie it is always this huge over the top traditional boring blah fest that no one could afford. Television shows have it wrong as well by putting a spin on things by making it so over the top everything has gone wrong that it becomes comical. So I’ve decided to rank the ones in films because there are a few stand outs to me and TV is so full of blah that just seems like more work than I want to do. Straight up wedding movies suck though, so I present to you my top 5 wedding movies, or rather movies that have a wedding in them at some point.

Number 5:

16 Candles is not only my favorite Molly Ringwald movie, but possibly my favorite John Hughes film of all time. In it Molly plays Sam a girl who wakes up on her 16th birthday to find out that her entire family has forgotten her Birthday. The reason for this family wide brain fart is because Sam’s sweet 16 happens to take place the day before her sister Jinny is going to be married. Between being forgotten about, her crazy grandparents in town, the weird oriental guy she shares a room with, a geek borrowing her panties, and her dream guy finding out she has a crush on him Samantha manages to keep it all together and gets the happy ending we all hope for.

Number 4

So if you have never seen Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks, it’s official, you suck. Bachelor Party stars Tom Hanks as Rick Gassko, a fun loving, care free, guy who is about to be married to the love of his life Debbie (Tawny Kitaen). Before he does this however he gathers his friends together to tell them the joyous news, his friends however are less thrilled until they decide it’s time to throw him a bachelor party as a final big hurrah to his soon to be ending single life. Bachelor Party is a fun raunchy typical 1980’s comedy full of lo brow humour, drug abuse, promiscuous sex, and a good old fashioned donkey show, but in the best possible way. What makes the movie so good and saves it from being just another one of those forgettable flims is Tom Hanks. Even in this you can see there’s something special about him. Even when doing the “alligator” on the floor.

Number 3

“Mawidge…mawidge is the what bwings us togewer today.”
I’m not gonna get to into this seeing as how everyone I have ever met and probably will ever meet ever has seen and loved this movie. As a kid I can remember watching this and the Never Ending Story on a loop, and could probably do it still. There are certain movies you can quote and have people take the next line and run with it. Still to this day when I hear the word inconceivable I think of Wallace Shawn. When ever I see anyone on TV or in a movie that is badly beaten or on life support I morbidly chuckle to myself because he’s only mostly dead. It’s a wonderful fantasy/adventure/comedy film that also features Andre the Giant. Hell I’m gonna put it on now.

Number 2

Forget everything Eddie Murphy has done in the past, ohhhh, 15 to 20 years, and remember them good old days. Coming To America is one of my all time Top 5 favorite comedy films. It is not only insanely hilarious, but also a very wonderful story about finding out who you are, and finding out first hand what the world is really like. In it Murphy plays Akeem a young prince of Zamunda who has just turned 21 and is on the eve of his arranged marriage when he tells his father the King (a wonderful James Earl Jones) that he is not ready to be married and that he needs to experience the world for himself. So together with his friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) they travel to Queens, New York to live as commoners. Great performances from Murphy, Hall (both playing multiple parts) and cameos from Louie Anderson, Eriq La Salle, and even a young Sam Jackson make this movie absolutely fun. SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!!

and the Number 1 movie is…

Okay so it’s really 2 movies, but still, the blood splattered bride earned her way on to the top of this list. Talk about a wedding (or rehearsal) gone wrong this one was fucked from the start. Uma Thurman plays the Bride(aka Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba aka Mommy) and throughout both films kicks ass as she exacts her revenge on the assassin group that stole her life from her. The final battle against Bill himself (RIP Carradine) is among one of my favorite scenes in any film. Tarrentino could basically shit on celluloid and I’d watch every chunky minute of it. Kill Bill is a masterpiece, but if you don’t know that then you just made the list.

So now that that’s done let the debating begin.

~ by Nick Camarena on April 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “The List: Top 5 wedding movies,or rather movies that have a wedding in them at one point.”

  1. I wouldn’t argue one bit with any of these, but I must say I am a little surprised that the 13 year old girl in you (who is, as we all know, really running the show) didn’t put Father of the Bride or The Wedding Planner or any of those other fuzzy nonsensical girl movies.

  2. I hate Jennifer Lopez to much to put her on a list of anything other than people i hate, and Father of the Bride makes me wanna puke. It’s a really creepy relationship between father and daughter, plus, Diane Keaton, and the groom is only in it for 8 minutes. Points for Dr Huang and his ponytail though.

  3. I have to say, as much as I’m just as surprised as Craig that Father of the Bride did not make your top five, I am even more surprised that Beetle Juice is not featured on your list either. Wynona Rider pulling off a red wedding dress made of lace and tulle, two married couples aging before our eyes to reveal disintegrating skin turned to bones, and some strange creature of a priest coming to life in a fireplace to conduct the wedding… You really can’t leave this one out. Although this wedding was never fully finished due to a large sand snake breaking through the ceiling and taking out Beetle Juice before the priest pronounces “man and wife”, still, a wedding in a movie. Your thoughts?

  4. That came soooooooo close to making the list along with a few others. When I say a few I mean like 10. I really should do a top 10 and if I would have Beetlejuice would have been in there, but my fingers hurt after only a top 5 so top 10’s would be pushing it.

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