Film Studios

There are many motion picture studios out there in the world, but unknown to many people, a lot of these studios are actually the same.  Most major studios belong to one major company.  I was actually really surprised to find out that many people don’t realize this.  There are 6 major companies that control the majority of the film studios out currently: Time Warner, Viacom, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Corporation of America, and Comcast/General Electric.

Now within those six companies, there are their film divisions.  For Time Warner there’s Warner Bros. Entertainment, Viacom has Paramount Motion Pictures Group, News Corporation has Fox Entertainment Group, The Walt Disney Company has Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, Sony has Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Concast/General Electric have NBC Universal!!!

And from there it breaks down even further to the separate film studios.

Now there are other independent studios that try their best to compete.  Some of them actually do very well for themselves and are known in the industry as “mini-majors”.  The current “mini-majors” are Lions Gate Entertainment, Summit Entertainment, Metr0-Goldwyn-Mayer, DreamWorks SKG, CBS Corporation, Relativity Media, and The Weinstein Company.

A couple new studios have popped up over the last year.  A newly formed studio called FilmDistrict became active in September 2010.  Their first feature film, Insidious, was released on April 1, 2011.  They also bought the distribution to Miramax FilmsDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark and will be releasing it in August 2011.

After Disney sold shut down Miramax Films in December 2010, they sold the studio to Filmyard Holdings.  Filmyard was able to acquire money from different investors and have restarted the film studio founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein in 1979.  Miramax’s finished films that were unreleased have been picked up for distribution.  They are the above mentioned Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and The Debt, which is being distributed by Focus Features.  The Weinstein Company has also purchased a 33% stake in the new Miramax.

Starz Media created two separate film studios under their film division, Anchor Bay Entertainment, a couple years ago: Anchor Bay Films and Overture Films.  After lackluster box office results from Overture, Starz sold off the company to Relativity Media.  Anchor Bay Films still release films theatrically, however, the amount of films released and in the number of theaters are both extremely limited.

So I am going to take the time to list out the major film studios as well as the “mini-majors” out there right now.

CBS Corporation

Comcast/General Electric

NBC Universal

DreamWorks SKG


  • FilmDistrict

Filmyard Holdings, Inc.

  • Miramax Films

Lions Gate Entertainment

Metr0-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Millennium Entertainment

News Corporation

Fox Entertainment Group

Regency Enterprises

Relativity Media

Silver Pictures

Sony Corporation of America

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Starz Media

Anchor Bay Entertainment

  • Anchor Bay Films

Summit Entertainment

  • Summit Entertainment

Time Warner

Warner Bros. Entertainment


Paramount Motion Pictures Group

The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

The Weinstein Company

now obviously these companies can change on a dime, so I will update as they comes up!!!


~ by Matt Whitfield on May 2, 2011.

One Response to “Film Studios”

  1. Update: Time to move Summit to Lionsgate. Plus, Relativity never bought Overture Films, they bought distribution and Overture’s employees. Overture was shut down by Starz Media. Plus, Samuel Goldwyn Films is independent. Not owned by MGM. Mramax is owned by Filmyard Holdings through Colony Capitol. And DreamWorks Animation is no longer part of DreamWorks SKG since 2004.

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