Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil

Once upon a time there was a terrible movie about the world of make believe and the fairy tale characters fighting to save it from destruction by those who would manipulate it to their ill purposes.  No, I’m not talking about Shrek.  Instead, Im referring to the slap dash world of Hoodwinked.  The original was launched into theaters back in 2005 on the  heels of Pixar’s The Incredibles and Shrek 2.  Much like the latter, Hoodwinked was a tongue in cheek look at the world of fairy tales, packed to the brim with reference humor and a surprising cast of unlikely characters.  Unlike Shrek 2 (the best in the series), Hoodwinked was a low budget mess of a film that wasn’t funny and only made $51M at the box office (as opposed to Shrek 2’s $441M).

Cut to six years later.  The sequel, Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil, is unloaded on the moviegoing audience and it, like its predecessor, is an utter failure.  Who was writing the studio begging for a sequel to the first one?  Nobody.  But leave it to Bob and Harvey to make a movie nobody wants to see.  In this thoroughly unneeded sequel, Little Red Riding Hood (Hayden Panettiere) is off training with the Sisters of the Hood at a secret monastery when Granny (Glenn Close) is captured while trying to save Hansel & Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Poehler) from an evil witch (Joan Cusack).  In order to save Granny from the evil witch, Hood must again re-team with Wolf (Patrick Warburton) and that annoying little squirrel to save Granny from the witch and the Happily Ever After Agency, run by Nick Flippers (David Ogden Stiers), from being destroyed forever.

Did you notice the names of those cast members?  I think its only fair to assume that the title refers to the deception at play, convincing all of them that this would be a worthwhile movie to make.  But even a great cast cannot save a bad movie.  John Favre once said that for a movie to work, you need two of three things to be great: the director, the cast, the writer.  In the case of this film, the cast is the only thing that remotely works but not even they can save this ship from sinking.

Bad puns, jokey references to shows and movies that weren’t even topical when they were new and gags that completely miss the mark dot the landscape of this film which is shot with all the animation power of Reboot.  The visuals are flat, generic and poorly designed, the music is boring and the story is hackneyed beyond the point of parody. Even if your kids or retarded little brother insist on seeing this, do them and you a favor and avoid it.

Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil is the cinematic equivalent of that friend we have all had at one point; they think they are funny and every time they make a joke, they wink at you as if to say “get it.”  Of course you do.  You aren’t stupid.  That look on your face isn’t confusion, it’s just the face you make when you are using every bit of restraint you can muster to NOT punch them in the face.

RATING: 2/10


~ by Andrew Craig on May 2, 2011.

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  1. Perfect blog post, I am checking back often to look for posts.

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