||Action Corner|| Abduction

As you all may or may not be aware…Action Movies are all ME!!!  I love action movies.  Doesn’t matter what kind of action it is.  It can be as over-the-top and stupid-crazy-fun as something like Drive Angry or Shoot ‘Em Up…to something down, dirty, and gritty like Green Zone and Damage.  I love classic action movies from the 80s and 90s like Code of Silence, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Double Impact, and Demolition Man.  And as our very own Craig pointed out in an earlier post, I can’t wait for new films like Immortals, X-Men: First Class, and the remake of Conan the Barbarian!!!  So from now on, when an action movie trailer gets put up online, or I see a new action movie…you will see a post from me about it (review of Fast Five coming soon).

With that said, we have a new film from my favorite studio…LIONSGATE!!!  The movie is called Abduction and it stars Taylor Lautner………or Jacob Black from The Twilight Saga.  My first reaction to this news was, “OHGODDAMNIT!!!  Who the hell told Jacob that just because he walks around with his shirt off and makes tween girls quiver that he can make an action movie???”  But honestly, after seeing the trailer, this movie has the potential to be exciting and fun.  I actually feel bad for Taylor Lautner now.  He has the athletic potential to be a credible action star…but because of the sparkly vampires and tween girls…I feel as though he will never break the Jacob image.  Still though, I am looking forward to this movie.  And with credible costars like Academy Award Nominee Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, and Alfred Molina, this has the potential to be awesome!!!


I hope its a fun ride.

~ by Matt Whitfield on May 5, 2011.

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