Craig Live Blogging During the Fringe Finale

OK, those of you who know me know that Fringe is my most recent television obsession.  I can’t get enough of this show. When it first premiered, I watched the first six or so episodes and gave up on the series.  It just wasn’t going anywhere.  But at the recommendations of a few friends, I gave the show another shot and man, am I glad I did.  Fringe offers Science Fiction at its best,  challenging the rules of possibility every week and offering us a fresh take on the paranormal/FBI investigation.  Tonight, the season three finale airs and, as it does, I will be live blogging to the best of my ability during the show.  To save those of you who can’t watch it now from spoilers, I’m going to put all commentary under the cut.  For those of you interested in following along with me, wordpress doesn’t allow for the gear to do this right, so refresh regularly and Ill keep updating throughout the episode.  See you under the cut!

8:38 pm:  About twenty minutes left.  Anyone else excited?

8:47 pm: Trying to do all the things I need to do so I won’t have to get up during the finale’s live airing.  Cigarettes?  Check.  Water?  Check.  Anything else I’m missing?

8:49 pm:  While Im waiting, I looked at posts in progress.  Nick is working on an epic post for you people.  Seriously.  EPIC.

8:56 pm:  I get the feeling nobody will be reading this, but I don’t care.  Its more for me then for any of you people.

8:59 pm:  After all, why would you follow me when you could be following the people who make the show and are live-tweeting right now too?

9:02:  OK, according to my clock, its 9:02.  Whats up FOX?  Don’t do this to us.  Not tonight.  That means my TIVO will cut it off and I HATE when that happens.

9:06 pm:  Oh, I see what happened.  My TIVO had live rewound so Fringe has been recording this whole time.  Off to a good start on my part.

9:07 pm:  Ill catch up by skipping through the first two commercial breaks.

9:08 pm:  Wow, older Astrid looks great.  And diggin the new tech for fixing people up.  Is this whole episode going to take place in the future?

9:08 pm:  Digging this new agent already.  I like adorable ladies on this show.  And Olivia looks so damn official!

9:09 pm:  Clear indications of a Peter/Olivia relationship in the future!  Good on them!

9:10 pm:  Grima Wormtongue is guest starring as this episodes baddie?  Awesome.  And in what looks like the BSG opera house too!

9:11 pm:  And the opening credits from the future are grey?  Thats pretty cool.  I dig that this show makes a point of establishing a vernacular that rewards the people who watch it every week.

9:13 pm:  No wonder I like that new agent so much.  Shes the hot goth girl from My Soul to Take.

9:14 pm:  Crazy bearded Walter is back!

9:15 pm:  They use the amber in the future?  Bummer.  That means things aren’t really fixed.  Of course, it also means that the world wasn’t destroyed by the machine either so…

9:16 pm:  Why would anyone want to break open the soft spots?  Motivations of the insane always make for great villains, especially if they think they are completely in the right.

9:17 pm:  Broyles is a senator AND has a milked over eye?  I hope its a robot eye that lets him shoot lasers or something.

9:19 pm:  Is Olivia in charge of Fringe Devision now that Broyles is a senator?  And what did they lose in Detroit?

9:20 pm:  Nice seeing Walter re-visiting the lab he lost for the first time since the pilot.  And seeing Olivia for the first time in years.  I swear, this guy needs to win an award.

9:21 pm:  Peter and Olivia are married and sadly Walter missed the wedding.  And HOLY FUCK Olivia can control things with her mind!  CortexiCAN!

9:22 pm:  Holy shit!  The other dimension is gone and Walternate is in ours trying to destroy it!  Take notes other TV shows.  Thats how you do it!

9:23 pm:  “Our destiny was set the day we triggered the machine.”

9:24 pm:  OK, so the other universe WAS destroyed, they know Walternate is out there running around, and this world is falling apart because the other Universe is gone.  I wonder if fauxlivia is dead.  And Peter’s son.

9:25 pm:  It’s nice to see Walter take responsibility and fantastic seeing Peter refer to Walter as his dad.  And the fact that Walter follows that by having a “moment” with a red vine made it even better.

9:27 pm:  So if the war between the universes isn’t the focal point of the series, what is?

9:28 pm:  That bridge is the bridge from Human Target.  I love Vancouver.

9:29 pm:  I wish Jared Harris would come back as David Robert Jones.  He and Walternate would make a kick-ass team.

9:30 pm:  OK, Im caught up to the live broadcast now.  Whew.  Hopefully now this will make more sense to anyone who is reading.

9:32 pm:  I know of one person following along, but can anyone else comment when this is over so I know if its one person refreshing a lot or if I actually have 10 or so people following along?

9:33 pm:  Nice to see cell phone design won’t change much in the next fifteen years or so.

9:34 pm:  It always blows me away how John Noble can be so lovable as Walter and so terrifying as Walternate.  He also looks great with the white hair.

9:35 pm:  I dig that from Walternate’s perspective, everything is justifiable and that he came here looking for help, not to destroy us.

9:37 pm:  WHOA!  Flash of light and everyone is down.  Except Olivia.  Cause shes a bad-ass.

9:39 pm:  Yeah Peter.  Give Walternate the option.  Cause he’s going to do the right thing.  AND HOLY SHIT WALTERNATE IS A HOLOGRAM!  I think hes planning on dropping Olivia.

9:40 pm:  WHOA!  He did at that.  Shot her right in the head!  No mercy!  No surrender!  What does this mean for the future of Fringe?  A show without Olivia Dunham?  Or does the fluidity of time mean that this can still be changed?  This show is leaving a lot of questions based on all the different probabilities of the reality they move forward with.

9:41 pm:  Stephanie just brought up the idea that it may have been Fauxlivia.  Whether it was O or F, it was still a Livia.  It could have been Faux though as they referred to her as Agent Dunham and not Agent Bishop.  Plus,  Peter would have married the real Olivia as they discussed eventually having a kid which he has already done with Faux.

9:44 pm:  OK, clearly this is the one he married.  Does that mean that real Olivia is dead?  What does that mean for the future of the series?  Fuck you Walternate.

9:46 pm:  Whoa.  They gave the flag to new girl.  Why would they do that unless she was family?  She must be Olivia’s niece!

9:46 pm:  And in true bad-ass form, Olivia gets a norse burial.  Set on fire and pushed out to sea.  Like Darth Vader with more dignity.

9:47 pm:  I feel bad for Peter.  He can never stop losing the women in his life.

9:49 pm:  Do I get brownie points for calling the niece thing?  I think I should.

9:49 pm:  So it is a fluid time thing.  Does that mean the machine is designed to simply send Peter into the future so he could see how to use it to make things right?

9:51 pm:  They are getting all Donny Darko up in here.  I love the idea that Walter sent the pieces back so Peter could come forward and see how to cheat time.

9:52 pm:  “It can’t be worse then this.”  Yeah, right there with you Walter.

9:53 pm:  Now back to our time.  God damn I love this show.  I am curious what he did here that caused things to be so bad in the future and what he needs to do different to change them.  Plus, will the show now jump between universes AND time?  Suck it LOST.

9:54 pm:  OK, now we are in the other Universe with Walternate.  God damn, good finale.  The future, the current time, and the alternate universe.  I LOVE THIS SHOW.

9:56 pm:  I love that Fauxlivia is fucking with Walter.

9:56 pm:  Peter is back.  And now it appears both Universes have merged.  What.  The.  Fuck?!

9:57 pm:  I so badly want to see a Walter on Walter fight.

9:58 pm:  Oh shit.  I dig the idea that they are the first people.  Walter, Astrid, Peter, Olivia and now Peter just disappeared!

9:59 pm:  And the observers are here.  And Peter never existed?  What?!

10:00 pm:  OK People, that was one hell of a season finale.  As per expected, all the rules have changed.  This is what I always loved about JJ’s shows.  I adore the idea of the two sides being forced to work together.  I’m just curious to see where they plan to go from here.  If Walternate an Walter are working together to save both universes, who is going to be the big bad of the series?  Where did Peter go?  How does his child with Fauxlivia change things?  What are the observers up to?  What happened to Walter’s cow?  There is a lot to look forward to next season.

Thanks to everyone who followed this, my first attempt at a live blog during a show.  Hopefully in the future, we can fine tune some of the issues that come with the process.  Ill try to do this again for the Fringe season four premier so be sure to check back then.  Also, if you havent already, find The Fandom Menace on facebook (there is a link in the right column) and be sure to check back here at for tons of new movie reviews, top five lists, video game reviews and more from The Fandom Menace team!

Also, if you followed all the way through, please comment so I know who was following.

10:12 pm:  Whew.  Now I can finally pee.


~ by Andrew Craig on May 6, 2011.

16 Responses to “Craig Live Blogging During the Fringe Finale”

  1. Pete’s kid will be alive, not so sure about fauxlivia though.

  2. Weird hearing them say Peter is 47….I’m not even that old yet.

  3. I miss Human Target 😦

  4. Some “one persons” are more important than 10 “whole persons”!

  5. I like your future idea about how things can change. They won’t kill Olive.

  6. She is Olivia’s neice… Hence why she called her Aunt Olivia while waiting for Peter at the hospital. (and they called her Agent Dunham)

  7. After being knocked out, Olive saw the wormhole, right? She could’ve gone thru it before “Olivia was shot”, yes!

  8. No brownie points for YOU!

  9. Stupid commercials! THIS is why I DVR!!!

  10. Freakin’ AWESOME!!!!

  11. BUT I remember Peter!!!!!! Waaaahhhhhh!

  12. Maybe Peter’s son will be played by Josh Jackson in the future.

  13. Im so jazzed about where this show is going to go. If nothing else, they have proved time and time again that they can pay off a setup.

  14. Peter never existed = my head imploding.

  15. OK dude, you gotta tell me, were you thinking exactly the way I was through that whole episode?

  16. When I saw fauxlivia getting shot I figured this was a days of the future past type of episode. I don’t think I could have ever imagine them deleting Peter from existence that was pretty nuts. This really felt like a season premiere more then a finale. BTW great live blog.

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