Top 5 things to do after beating Portal 2

Despite not having much re-playability, Portal 2 is not a game you want to sell back to Game Stop right away. There are at least 5 things to do before selling the game back.

5) Play the game again with developer commentary/subtitles

Sure you beat the game, but I’m sure you didn’t wait around and listen to everything everyone had to say to you. There is just too much science to be done. My suggestion is put the subtitles on and enjoy that well written dialogue. The people at Valve put a lot of time into the games story give them a chance to shine. Hell an even better suggestion is play with the developer commentary on. How offten do you get a running commentary on a video game?

4) Play the original Portal again.

If you have a couple of hours play Portal 1 then proceede to Portal 2. You get a far more complete story and it’s just a fun excuse to dust off an old classic.

3) Play local c0-op with someone who has never played before

The puzzles in Portal 2 are much like a magic trick. Once you know how to solve a puzzle its like magic to someone who doesn’t understand what your doing. I have been at both ends of this- being the novice and the pro- and I must say its fun either way.

2) Get those Achievements/Trophies

Much like the game itself the Achievements/Trophies in the game aren’t too hard, and they add a little extra life to the game. Try to smash all the monitor screens in the single player or try to only use 5 portal placements in Chamber 3 of the hard light surface co-op course.

1) Make a kid cry with online co-op

Step one: control a hard light bridge

Step two: assure the kid that you won’t move it

Step three: move the bridge killing the kid

Step four: call the kid a fag.

Step five: apologize and tell them to do it again

Step six: repeat steps one through 5 until they rage quit.

This may seem a little extreme, until you’ve played with these little snots on Call of Duty and Halo. I’ve been called a fag by so many pre-pubescent little shits that it’s now as normal as pressing the start button in a video game.

that’s it I’m done, pour me a shot Superman…

~ by Andrew Braid on May 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Top 5 things to do after beating Portal 2”

  1. Dude…this sounds sweet. And having seen you play it now I want to. I never played the first one. Do you happen to have it?

  2. Yeah for the xbox, but good news Matt Steam has Portal for mac for a low low price of 9.99

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