Wrestling Wrap Up.

So it’s Monday, and for most wrestling fans it’s a holy day much like Sunday is for the Christians. WWE Monday Night Raw, Tough Enough, and TNA tapings all happen tonight and all hope to deliver big stuff. Last weekends WWE PPV (Pay Per View) Xtreme Rules is the first PPV since Wrestlemania this past April and moved some of the story lines set up there along.

First up we had a few titles change hands, a debut, and a retirement. It’s no big surprise that former Divas, and Womans Champ Michelle McCool has officially retired. She had been talking about it for a while now many insiders say, as she no doubt would like to start a family with real life husband Mark Calaway (The Undertaker). Her match with Layla was sadly her last match in the business, however it did lead the way for the debut of the long awaited Kharma. Kharma as some may know wrestled in many different organizations over the years as Awesome Kong, most notable is her time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) Kharma sent McCool into retirement the right way delivering the “Implant Buster” after the close on the match. The segment ended with all the “divas” watching the destruction from backstage. There is already some “heat” on Kharma from the divas in the back. Many are complaing that Kharma is going “stiff” on them, meaning she’s hitting them with force intending to hurt. It was some what apparent after she delivered a clothesline to Alica Foxx and damn near tore her head off causing a shoulder injury. My opinion is that these little Barbie dolls, just aren’t used to taking real shots any more. We’ll see how this goes.


In a surprisingly good match Christian, became World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras) in a ladder match for the vacant title. This marks the very first time Christian has held this title in the WWE. After long time tag partner Edge was forced to retire and leave the title vacant Christian won a battle royal to become number one contender and face Del Rio in a ladder match. Though his victory was great and his reign as champion was long over due, it was to be short lived, as he would lose his title to Randy Orton on Smackdown just two days later making it one of the shortest title reigns in history. Although Smackdown is broadcast on Fridays, it is actually pretaped on Tuesdays. It was long speculated that WWE CEO Vincent K McMahon was not a believer in Christian as being a main event star that you could make into a world champion which is why Christian left the WWE to go to TNA where he was their world champ on several occasions. This may be McMahon getting even with him for leaving by making him job to Orton in his first match as champion. I personally believe it is the start of a much bigger angle that is going to take place. Whatever the reason many fans are up in arms and outraged by the outcome from Friday, but as they say anything can happen in the WWE.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Speaking of anything, John Cena is now WWE Champion again after defeating both the Miz, and John Morrison in a cage match from last Sunday. Morrison was ttitleaken out of the match by R-Truth, his once friend now turned water swilling, cigarette smoking heel. Truth ran in and interrupted the match costing John Morrison the belt and also attacked him this past Monday Night Raw setting up for a new story and reason for time off, as it was reported today that Morrison is receiving surgery on his neck. He is expected to be out for several months. Back to the rest of the match. John Cena is now an 11th time champion after hitting the “Attitude Adjustment” on the Miz from on top of the top turnbuckle for the 3 count. Should be interesting to see how this plays into the Cena-Rock storyline they have set up for Wrestlemania next year. We had a glimpse of this on Raw and I already can’t wait for more.

All in all a big week for the WWE. Raw had a special episode for the Rocks birthday and was full of patriotism and guest stars and hopefully all the fun continues tonight.

Oh no...

So on to TNA, I guess. Apparently Kurt Angle, former TNA and WWE World Champion and former Olympic gold medalist, is going to attempt to wrestle in the Olympics for the US again. The 42 year old stated over his Twitter account that he is serious about the attempt and it will be done on his terms.

Also strange goings on in the land of TNA with Mr. Angle, for weeks now Kurt has been feuding with Jeff Jarrett and Jarrett’s wife Karen (Who is actually Kurt’s real life ex wife. That rhymes) and Angle promised to reveal who his new “mistress” is. After last weeks match many believed it to be Aloisha a 6’9″ 24 year old woman who used to wrestle under the name Isis the Amazon. Having once been under contract with the WWE she was soon terminated after pictures of her surfaced online that weren’t up to the WWE’s PG rating. The pictures are of her standing in a bikini. No seriously, standing in a bikini, sometimes lingerie most of the time next to a shorter woman in the same outfit.

That's a huge bitch!

Anyways, most speculated she’d be the one, and why not wouldn’t hurt to push a new talent and actually build a star, but that ‘s not what TNA does. Instead they go and get Joanie Laurer. Yep Chyna. SMH…

Now before I get accused of being just another WWE mark in my defense I will say that yes in the past few years I feel that WWE has done a lot of stupid things. They have let go some really talented men and women and have turned lots of great talent into jokey characters. TNA however has the triangle of sad in Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Vince Russo, the three men most responsible for the downfall of WCW, which can be blamed for the watering down of WWE. With now competition Vince McMahon has no reason to fight fire with fire and decided he’d rather get the kids involved again. There was a time where TNA was creating great stars like AJ Styles, Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, and Samoa Joe, now they have all taken a back seat to guys that couldn’t cut it in the WWE, and the dinosaurs of the wrestling world that should have been retired long ago. So much so that TNA is taking the necessary steps to rename itself Impact Professional Wrestling. TNA is no longer the company it once was and now they are going to make sure you know that. If you didn’t already that is.

Okay that’s all for now. Next week either Matt or Brunden will be going over the weeks news and views and then after one will be the other then back to me, so until then “I’m Gorilla Monsoon , for Bobby Heenan saying goodnight”.

~ by Nick Camarena on May 9, 2011.

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  1. NICE JOB Nick!!! Brunden and I will talk about who will do this week’s “Wrestling Wrap Up”. I think I will just because I do still watch TNA, and that will give Brunden a little more time to get used to watching it again, or at least catch a highlight reel.

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