Americal Idol: Top 3…Well 4

I don’t usually talk about American Idol on the podcast but the truth is I’m actually quite a big fan of the show. I will admit I stopped watching for a couple of seasons. I think I quit about mid season 3 after Jennifer Hudson got kicked off ‘cuz I was like, “Oh hell no, she was the only one worth a damn!” I started watching again the following season, season 4. Aubrey and I argued over who was better Carrie Underwood or Bo Bice. She was on the Carrie side and I on the Bo side. She was right, that bitch, I’ve listened to way more Carrie than Bo over the years. What ever happened to that guy anyway? The following season we fought over Chris Daughtry and Kathrine McPhee. I sooo didn’t have the “McFever.” Thank God it wasn’t contagious! When Daughtry got kicked off it was Taylor Hicks and McPhee. I wasn’t all that into Hicks I just really didn’t like McPhee, plus Aubrey is really fun to argue with.  Are those two even still around? The next 3 seasons I didn’t watch partly because Aubrey wasn’t there to feud with anymore and partly because I just didn’t really care anymore. I was getting married, graduating college, life was happening. Anyway, it wasn’t until after I discovered David Cook and Adam Lambert that I was like, “Damn this is the kind of talent coming out of American Idol now?” So I picked it up again last season (Season 9) and I was absolutely blown away by the amazing talent. Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox are hands down two of the most talented people that have ever been on the show. Their version of “Falling Slowly” from the movie “Once” showcased both their talents in a way no other American Idol duet ever has. It was as beautifully done as the original and it literally moved me to tears. It seems Simon Cowell picked the perfect season to go out on because this season’s talent, although great, is a little lacking.

This season I wasn’t going to watch because lets face it I watch it for Cowell, I’ve always watched it for Cowell. I was going to take a stand and be a true Cowell fan and just wait for The X Factor but my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see how Steven Tyler and Jlo were gonna pan out. After watching one or two audition episodes I really wasn’t feelin’ the new judges so I fizzled out again. My DVR was still taping all the episodes and I was erasing most of them but around about the top 10 I started watching again and because of talents like Haley Reinhart and James Durbin I’ve been sticking with it. I also got a kick out of Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams, although I do find Casey hard to look at. I’m sorry I just can’t take that guy seriously!

So tonight was the big announcement, the top three. I was only going to discuss the top three but seeing that one of my favorites was the one to go tonight, I guess I’ll have to get into the top four. This week we watched as James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery battled for their place in the top three. James lost that battle tonight and was sent home. I don’t think James will disappear though. I mean Daughtry went home at like fourth or fifth and he once said that losing American Idol was the best thing that ever happened to him. So don’t despair my dear, fate is often funny. I have to admit I am a fan of James. Although I think he can look kinda goofy at times and his performances can be a little on the corny side, I think all in all he is a very good performer and I don’t think he should have been sent home. Scotty McCreery on the other hand should have. I do believe that he is truly talented and very good at the “country” voice he’s got going on but he’s so hard to watch. He’s not a very good-looking kid, wait I take that back, he’s a good-looking 12 year old kid. Seriously, he looks like he’s 12! I think he’s got a great career ahead of him at the age of 30 maybe 40 and if I close my eyes I can enjoy his singing but I just cannot watch him. The voice so doesn’t fit the face and it’s too off putting. Lucky for him most artists are heard more so than seen, well maybe not so much now days, but I just can’t get past the baby face, the awkward microphone holding and the “sexy” stare he does into the camera ever week. Please America I’m begging you, send that little twerp home!

So now that the top three have been decided I’m going to predict the top two…yeah you guessed it, the two chicks. I like Lauren and I think she could most definitely be the next Reba. Wouldn’t you love to hear her sing Fancy? However the raspy, deep vocals of Haley Reinhart are like nothing I’ve ever heard and I think that Haley is the clear winner this season. I may be wrong but only time will tell. I think she is the whole package she looks the part, she has the most amazing vocals and I can only hope she can write so that she can bring us some new classics like that of Janice Joplin, Sheryl Crow and Carol King. One last thing before I go. Can we lay off of Randy Jackson people? It’s like now that Cowell’s gone Randy’s “The Mean One.” That is simply not true, he just knows what he’s talking about as far as pitch and musical arrangement. He hears things a lot of people wouldn’t catch because he’s a musician and he lives and breathes music day in and day out. Okay enough sticking up for Randy, despite all the criticisms I wish all the Idols the best and I do think that they all are very talented. Keep livin’ your dreams people, it’s more American than apple pie.

~ by Christy Earls on May 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Americal Idol: Top 3…Well 4”

  1. Arguing with Aubrey is really the best, although you will likely lose. Also, Im excited for Katherine McPhee’s next project, “Smash”. I think it will ride the “Glee” wave and do pretty well. I haven’t watched Idol in years, since I lived in CA., I think. Now I am all about “the voice” you should watch it.And when Javier wins, know that I will be that annoying person who says “omg, you guys, I was into him like 10 years before all of you. Lemmings.”. Also, buy his CD, cause it was good.
    I keep hearing that idol is good now. I think I caught about 10 minutes of the audition round. Steve Tyler rightly impressed me. But the old DVR is busting at the seams as it is, so Idol got sent home for me.

  2. Aubrey Ball is a hipster

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