Countdown to E3 2011: Comments On the Wii 2 or Project Cafe or Whatever the Hell the New Nintendo Console is called

Well Nintendo it’s about that time again. Time to throw off the shackles of the old and embrace the new. It’s been about 5 years since the Wii first debut with it’s motion controls, and has since been the four letter word for every hardcore gamer out there. Back handed comments like, “it’s pretty good… for a Wii game” is probably the best thing that can be said in a review for a Wii game, because frankly its true. Well if we are to believe the rumors Nintendo is looking to harken back to the hardcore audience by forsaking the past and embracing the… present?

Lets face it Nintendo has never been known to be the one to push the boundaries of technology, but what the company excels at is substance over style. Nintendo plays safe when investing in new tech just take for an example at how well they handled the hand held market. When Nintendo first came out with the Gameboy they could of easily put in a full color back lit screen, but opted for better battery life instead. Nintendo’s rival Sega decided to go the opposite route with the GameGear offering flashier graphics, full color, and needed a handful of batteries every 3 hours.

Warning: playing the GameGear may also mess with the fabric of reality.

Nintendo waited until the battery life could last a bit longer before introducing back lit full color games in their Gameboy’s. With these rumors about the new console surfacing it seems that Nintendo is playing the same game with the same type of strategy.

The rumor mill is always turning out new console rumors around this time of year for one reason: E3. Game Informer I’m sure gets bombarded with rumor after rumor every year but interestingly enough they felt that this rumor had some legs to stretch. According to Game Informer the new Nintendo system “is capable of running games at HD resolutions,” and that they are already showing the system to third party developers in order to drum up outside support. HD games made by Nintendo is exciting enough, but what really got my hopes high is the rumor they are including other devs early on, which can arguably be why there was so many shitty third party games when the Wii first got on the market. Ever since the Nintendo 64, Nintendo have made developing for their home systems a nightmare. Could Nintendo be having a change of heart? At a recent press conference Nintendo did mention the need to strengthen their ties to third party developers.  Then the rumor mill started spinning faster. IGN began reporting that the Wii 2 will be running at 1080 p, have a classic like controller similar to the SNES with a touch screen, be able to stream games directly to said controller, and have backwards compatibility with the Wii.

Thanks to IGN for the Image. I did not make this.

This sounds too good to be true. It seems that Nintendo is realizing its mistake of trying to be the lone ranger  when it comes to making good games on the Wii by branching out to other developers. They are embracing the present without abandoning the still viable motion control market by having backwards compatibility with the Wii. Nintendo is giving us a new console and basically a new handheld system with these controllers, because of the ability to stream full games to the controller. Days after these crazy rumors were reported, Nintendo annouces that they are indeed working on a new Console code named: Project Cafe which they will have a full working console at E3, which was predicted by sources at IGN and other websites when these rumors first appeared. I don’t know if these rumors are true or not, but is it wrong for me to want this to happen?

Over the years it has broken my heart that I can’t stand by Nintendo and honestly say they have the best video games on the market. Call me a biased fanboy if you want, but I want my childhood video game system to be great once more, and truly great at that. The Wii was Ok, but it was only succesful because of its gimmick of motion control. There were a ton of games on the Wii that I felt would have been better if I had a regular normal controller. When I had a choice I always would prefer to use the classic controller whenever I can for the instant feedback you get when pressing a button; opposed to when you wildly wave your arms about. The touch screen on the controller can be ignored or embraced depending on the game, but If I may suggest that perhaps the developer could go the way of the Gamecube + Gameboy advanced i.e.-Legend of Zelda and the four swords for the Gamecube.

Great plan... poor follow through

I thought this game was ahead of its time. Switching back and forth between the Gameboy screen and the Gamecube solved a lot of problems of sharing a screen with friends, without having to resort to spliting the screen into quarters. Problem was finding three other people with the proper equipment to pull this off.

So if the rumors are true then I want this shit, if not then I withhold my opinion until I see what Nintendo has in store for us at E3.

Pour me a drink Superman.

Ever since the Virtual Boy Superman has never been the same.

~ by Andrew Braid on May 15, 2011.

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