I know, I know. I plan on doing a big wrap up on the up fronts this week. NBC and FOX both made official announcements today and NBC, CBS and the CW should have theirs locked by Thursday at latest. You can still count on a big post then. But this was too cool not to share.

We have known about JJ Abram‘s new show Alcatraz for a long time.  We knew it was set to star Mr. Sam Neil, Jorge Garcia from LOST, and Sarah Jones.  But that, for a long time was all we knew.  Until now.  Check it out bitches!

So it turns out that Alcatraz is a weird scifi tale about all of the inmates being sent into the future (a.k.a. NOW) to commit crimes for some unseen force of bad and the wacky team of experts compiled to bring them down?  Ccount me 100% in.  This show smacks of Fringe, which you all know I love, plus introduces the bonus element of complete conspiracy and government coverup which can only work out well.  I love that we are starting to get shows like this again.  I expect you all to tune in for the premier of this fascinating new show and be sure to check back here later this week for the up-fronts wrap-up!

~ by Andrew Craig on May 16, 2011.

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