The Dark Knight Rises: Viral Game I

I have always been a big fan of viral marketing.  It would be really easy for any production to just release new material to the fans and thats exactly how most of them do it.  The really great ones though get the fans involved through the viral marketing process.  In the period between seasons two and three of LOST, the producers ran an awesome viral game that left me scouring the internet for clues and tracking people through the greater Santa Monica area.  Nine Inch Nails put together a great post-apocalypse viral game a few years ago for an album release.  But by far, the best viral I’ve ever seen was the campaign for The Dark Knight a few years ago.  Clues dropped all over the web, fake political rallies in major cities across the country and scavenger hunts requiring one person in the field and another at home playing “Oracle” to their comrades on the hunt.

Well, being a year away from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan‘s epic end of the trilogy, its no surprise that the games have begun anew.  Earlier today, came online.  Although the site itself appears to be just a blank screen, mousing over the blackness, you can see that the whole page is clearly a link to an audio file.  When played, the audio file sounds like distorting chanting and drums.

However, there is more to this audio file then meets the ear.  Myself and a handful of people who are much more clever then I, decided to look more closely at the file.  I opened it in Adobe Soundbooth, though Im sure everyone else used ProTools. When looking at the audio waveform, nothing stands out.

The Waveform

However, when you trigger the Spectral Frequency Display, something amazing happens.  Hidden within this audio file is the hashtag #TheFireRises!

With the spectrum showing

A closer view of the spectrum

A hop a skip and a jump to twitter later, and it turns out that there is an account for The Fire Rises!  Once people started following the account, it started @ mentioning people with a link to something interesting.  Namely, a dark page with the simple note “Add Me” at the top.  When clicked, you could update your Facebook status or tweet using the hashtag #TheFireRises.  Additionally, your user icon would be added to the blackness, which, after thousands of people tweeted, started to form an image.

Look! Theres me!

That image has now officially been unveiled.  Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Tom Hardy as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

If this is how Nolan and his team introduce us to our first official production still, I can’t wait to see what he sets up for the first trailer!

~ by Andrew Craig on May 20, 2011.

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