Countdown to E3 2011 : Bioshock Infinite

There aren’t many games that my wife Christy of The Fandom Menace will stand to watch me play, however my first trip to Rapture in BioShock caused her, and then roommate Britt, to actually watch the tragic tale unfold before their eyes. The adventure of a lone man trying to find a way out of a aquatic dystopian society forced to adapt by injecting himself with Gene altering drugs then finding a hidden link between himself and the city called Rapture, played on themes of freedom and fate, power and corruption, genius and madness. Bioshock sucks you in immediately  and doesn’t let go until the end. With solid FPS gameplay its no wonder Bioshock is one of my favorite in this generation of video games.

However Bioshock 2 was a shallow attempt to recapture the mystery of its predecessor. The makers of the game attempted to expand the story but was that really the right choice? For this guy that answer is no. After my first trip to the city of Rapture I felt that there was nothing left to say about the place.  I was so bored by the middle of Bioshock 2 I flipped on easy mode just to see if it gets any better towards the end, and I’m sad to report that it just gets confusing and irritating. BioShock 2 was handled by different people trying to make a quick buck off a game that received critical praise. So why should I be excited about the new BioShock Infinite well just take a look at this…

This looks like the game that I wanted out of Bioshock 2. The story opens in circa 1918 in a floating city called Colombia; a city created by the United States and was lost to the skies. The main character a Pinkerton by the name Booker DeWitt is hired to find a reality bending child named Elizabeth in this isolationist society that is in the middle of a civil war. DeWitt has his work cut out for him because this Wonderland is about as twisted as any Lewis Carrol poem. It appears that both factions of this war want Elizabeth to stay put, to make matters worse Elizabeth’s bodyguard/keeper the mechanical Songbird (featured at the end of the video) will stop at nothing to re-capture Elizabeth at all cost.

I’m Curious to see how some of the gameplay mechanics will actually work. I wonder how turning a gun around on its user is going to work. Do you control Elizabeth’s power or is it only during certain points in the game. Since this game is a prequel does splicing still work like it did in the other 2 games.  If you haven’t already noticed its a very scripted demo and not true gameplay, but the video does represent what the designers want to accomplish. I have high hopes for this game and can’t wait to see what Bioshock Infinite brings to E3.

Would You Kindly pour me a drink

~ by Andrew Braid on May 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “Countdown to E3 2011 : Bioshock Infinite”

  1. I loved Bioshock, and I’m currently working my way through the second one, although it isn’t holding my interest nearly as good as the first one did.

    Bioshock Infinite is one of my most anticipated games though, as everything about it just looks amazing. I read a preview on Giant Bomb earlier this week and it just made it sound like it’s going to be the greatest thing ever.

    I also can’t wait to see more of it at E3.

  2. When I first played 2 I was totally jazzed with the drill arm and that rushing technique, but about mid way through it just got too repetitive coupled with the story that feels like an after thought to the first game. I just lost interest. Thanks for the response.

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