Countdown to E3 2011: Batman Arkham City

Lets face facts Batman is cool. Any person who can go toe to toe with Superman and walk away with a win is a bad ass in my book. The video games Batman has starred in certainly capture his ability to fight, but none of them captured his detective skills. Batman Arkham Asylum changed all that with its excellent storytelling, combat, and exploration. Asylum was an breath of  fresh air game that made the player feel like Batman. Developer Rocksteady hopes to continue that tradition in Batman Arkham City.

Since the Joker’s takeover of the Asylum, Quincy Sharp former warden of Arkham Asylum now mayor of Gotham, has turned the Slums of Gotham into Arkham City. Mayor Sharp has placed Hugo Strange in charge of this “city,” which if you have read the comic, you would know that Strange knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. While everything in Arkham city is under loose control of the authorities, the city is about to heat up with the recent capture of Catwoman. Not much is known about why Catwoman is in Arkham city other than she broke in, and was captured by Two-face and his gang.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are returning to reprise thier roles as Batman and the Joker respectively, as well as Paul Dini returning to write the story behind the game. This might actually be Mark Hamill’s last time he will voice the Joker as he expressed that he wants this game to be his swan song performance. New additions to the gameplay will include improved combat and gadgets, A different version of Detective mode shown in Asylum, and the ability to glide by way of thermal vents allowing Batman to gain more height. Batman Arkham City comes out on October 18th, but I’m going to bet were going to see more gameplay video’s come E3.

Pour me a drink Batm…

er… never mind… Superman Pour me a drink

Batman may be able to kick his ass, but Superman knows Batman's weakness. SCOTCH.


~ by Andrew Braid on May 31, 2011.

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