Countdown to E3 2011: Dead Island

I always wondered how many Nazis, and Zombies, and Nazi Zombies I have murdered in video games? It has to be in the hundreds of thousands at least if not millions. It just goes to show you that video gamers as well as movie fanatics and comic book fanboys are hardwired to hate Nazis, Zombies, and Nazi Zombies.  So imagine my excitement when I saw this trailer to the game Dead Island…

Pretty cool huh. So I bet your expecting a serious survival horror type of scenario in this game, right? Wrong! Well what we are actually are getting is a mash-up of two of my favorite zombie hunting games, Dead Rising 2 and Left 4 Dead. You play as one of 4 survivors on an island infested with zombies immune to the outbreak, where you find weapons, combine them with other weapons to help save other survivors. The tone of the game is being reported by IGN as over the top and gore-rific. Blood, blood, blood and one liners seem to be the name of the game in Dead Island. Throw out the notion that there is a serious bone in this game’s body because this game is more Zombieland than Walking Dead. Not much is known about the story or characters in the game, but apparently there is black character in the game that makes Cole from Gears of War seem like Brian Gumbel. I guess when writing Black stereotypes in video games you just have them say bitch a lot. Weapon combos are not as ridiculous  as the combos seen in Dead Rising 2, but they are none the less eye catching. It has been reported that you can make an electric machete to dominate your foes and even combine C4 with a throwing knife to clear out several enemies at once. Those are just two examples of what I’m sure will be many more combinations of weapons.

Brunden's Vacation

There is also a leveling system also similar to that found in Dead Rising 2 where you can find clues to quests that are written on crumbled blood soaked sheets of paper scatterd through out the island.  Much like in Left 4 Dead, zombies come in all diffrent shapes and sizes. There are fast zombies, slow powerful zombies and special zombies. There still is very little news on the different types of zombies so here’s looking at you E3 for more on that.  With 4 players and a ton of exploring and experimenting, Dead Island may not be the same type of game that grabbed everyone’s attention with their debut trailer, but it still warrants a look come next week. Hopefully we can get some actual gameplay video this time.

Pour me a drink Superman…

~ by Andrew Braid on June 2, 2011.

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