Countdown to E3 2011: Legend of Zelda The Skyward Sword

Every true gamer out there has had their “playing a (insert Zelda title) for the first time” moment. Much like a first kiss, its a rite of passage for any youngster out there. I don’t poo-poo people who are in their 30’s (and above) who get excited with the coming of a new Zelda title. It’s a tradition in gaming that dates back before the days of E3 when Nintendo Power and GamePro were the only sources a kid needed for video game news. Video game nerds getting excited for a new Zelda game is like sports fags getting excited over the NFL Draft: They both offer the same, but slightly different, shit every time it comes around.  A typical Football game is pretty much the same- two teams throw the ball around one scores more points then the other, and you sit through what seems like 50 hours of car, financial, Insurance, and beer commercials. A typical Zelda game is more or less the same- has a nameless hero (*cough, Link, *cough) setting out on an adventure to save the princess Zelda from the evil pig wizard Ganon, and help social retards look for their bugs or masks or chickens or toenail clippings (would it really surprise you at this point). Both any fan of Football or the Zelda Franchise knows that if you break the experience down to its base components it doesn’t seem to be all that different from the last time, but its how Nintendo can suck you in time after time with solid game play, music, environments, and most importantly – giving the player a since of discovery, is why when a Zelda game comes out it grabs this Gamer’s attention.

Technically speaking this is the first true Zelda title made for the Wii, because even though Twilight Princess was released for the Wii’s launch it was never developed from the ground up to be a Wii game like Skyward Sword will be. Using the Wii motion plus you will now have full control over how Link swings his sword. By thrusting the controller forward you stab at your opponent, slashing the air will make a similar movement with the sword in the game. If you want to brush up on your video game sword fighting pop in Wii Sports Resort, because the same exact technique for sword fighting  will be used again in Skyward Sword.

Its not a Zelda game if a boomerang, bombs, and bow are not secondary items in the game, this time however they won’t be used entirely the same way. Bombs can now be rolled like a bowling ball and you can fire the bow like a real bow- like (again) in Wii Sports Resorts. A few new weapons have been confirmed. A whip that you can use…to whip… stuff (cue the Zelda   S & M memes on 4chan), also a device that fires a dragonfly/claw that can be remote controlled allowing the player to pick up and drop objects. I’m sure many more items are being kept closely to Nintendo’s chest, because like I said before much of what makes Zelda games so great is a grand sense of discovery. Nintendo has managed to take the same game, with a few new mechanics added over the years, and entertain millions for 25 years, and come E3 2011 we get a look at the start of the next 25 years of Zelda games.

Pour me a shot Superman

"Fuck you I liked Wind Waker," says drunk Superman

~ by Andrew Braid on June 3, 2011.

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