Countdown to E3 2011: Elder Scrolls V :Skyrim

I wish I can say that I’m a long time Elder Scrolls fan, but sadly I haven’t been there from the beginning . And while we are on the subject of confessions here’s another one: I have never been a big PC gamer. I know to some that its a mortal sin in the world of video games to say that, but come on it wasn’t by choice. It was hard enough to convince my mom the typewriter isn’t going to cut it for school in the year of our lord 1999; let alone convince her to buy video games for this computer box when I have a perfectly good Nintendo 64 and Playstation already. I jumped into the Elder Scrolls fan club when the last one came out, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. To me Oblvion was the first must buy game on the Xbox 360. The moment you step out of the dungeon and see the crisp blue skies I was left in awe of its HD majesty. The Elder Scrolls series is always a massive role playing game (RPG) with a seemingly endless supply of things to do. Sure there were the main quests and side quest that are typical of most RPGs but Oblivion would have buildings and caves that serve no real purpose other than to simply explore. Who knows you might find some really good loot. Check out the trailer…

If there is one thing that can be confirmed from the trailer is that you get to fight Dragons with your bare hands. Fuck yeah. Bethesda is building a new graphics engine for this game and it looks great if the trailer is actual game-play (which I think it is). Anyone who has played Oblivion should be asking how big is Skyrim going to be (in terms of area to explore in the game). According to Bethesda its roughly the same size as Oblivion, but with more difference in the topography. The statistics are going to be changed up when leveling your characters. Acrobatics and Athleticism has been removed as skills as well as core Attributes such as Intellegence, Agility, and Speed. Bethesda decided to trim the fat in their “level up by doing system” which may piss off a lot of die hard Elder Scroll fans, but frankly I felt this was needed. Oblivion had too many slightly different attributes  that always seemed to get confusing when figuring out how to spend those skill points.  Skyrim is also borrowing the perk system from the Fallout series; imbueing the character with a customized bonus for every other level raised. Funny enough Skyrim might not have fighting on horse back or horses to ride for that matter, and will definitely not have anyone riding dragons- only killing those scaly bastards. I wish I can say more about this game, but Bethesda is keeping all news pretty hush hush. Bethesda will be releasing more info at E3 so here’s looking forward to that.

Pour me a drink Superman.

~ by Andrew Braid on June 5, 2011.

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