Craig Live Blog’s from Nintendo’s E3 Press Event (Updated)

Hey all, Craig here. Today I’m live from Nintendo’s E3 Press Event. Im going to do my best to live blog the announcements live as they happen so be sure to follow all the action starting at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time!

7:31 Lookit me! I’m front row center!
7:51 They just started letting people in.


7:57 They have trivia rocking screens around the room and I know all the answers.

8:03 I was told that there will be some 3000 people attending this event.
8:05 OK so nintendos free wifi is kinda sucky so don’t be shocked if updates come in big blocks. Just refresh regularly.
8:18 The room is definitely starting to fill up. There’s a lot of bowing happening.
8:28 About half an hour left till they light this candle.


8:40 A lot of these bloggers are self entitled pricks. Glad the Fandom Menace is better then that.
8:47 Thirteen minutes. Is anyone even following this?


8:56 I’ll post a few pictures during the event and some better ones once I get home. Cool?
8:58 Any minute now.
9:03 It begins…I think…Nope. Just a song change.

9:19 Ocarina 3D, free copy of Four Swords and Skyward Sword this fall. Plus a touring orchestra show! Huzzah!


9:22 “The wii has changed how we play, where we play and who plays”
9:23 “The new console will be deeper and wider”
9:24 To Serve Every Player is Nintendos motto.
9:26 “Do a barrel roll!”


9:30 Mario Kart 3D for 3DS as well as a new 4 player Star Fox for the 3DS that displays live video of your friends playing in September.
9:33 Mario 3DS looks beautiful and unique. Plus the raccoon suit is back!

9:35 New “Kingdom Hearts” meets Zelda looking Kid Icarus Uprising for 3DS.

9:37 Luigis Mansion 2 for the 3DS looks cool.

9:39 a bunch of 3rd party games are on the way like Cave Story and Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.

9:41 3DS is getting a virtual console and Excitebike will be free.
9:42 Pokemon is coming to 3DS with an enhanced Pokedex.

9:44 The new system is called Wii-U.

9:46 the new controller looks like an IPad with buttons.

9:47 you can play on the controller so you can take it into the bathroom and keep playing!

9:52 the controller is a system in itself though it needs to system to function.

9:54 Say what you want about Nintendo, but they are ballsy and innovative for sure.
9:57 Smash Bros will kick ass on the dual 3DS and Wii-U!
9:58 they are showing us a HD demo.

10:00 the visual capability is amazing.

10:00 Super Mario Bros Mii has your Mii play alongside Mario.
10:03 Lego City Stories will be the first announced game for Wii-U exclusively.
10:04 Batman Akham City will be on the Wii-U!
10:08 bloody games including Ninja Gaiden 3 are coming to the Wii-U!

10:10 EA is on stage to announce a partnership of awesome.
10:13 They are wrapping up now. great job Nintendo!
10:15 Ive still got work to do but when I get home I’ll update this post with a ton of pictures!

~ by Andrew Craig on June 7, 2011.

One Response to “Craig Live Blog’s from Nintendo’s E3 Press Event (Updated)”

  1. Fuck yeah can’t wait for the Wii U. I’ll have more E3 news with my Epic E3 blow out Extravaganza blog to talk about the rest of the best from the other 2 big companies.

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