The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Bulletstorm

I can’t remember the first time I said, “fuck”, but it must have been in the fourth grade. That was a terrible year for me but this is neither the time nor the place. It was in that grade that me and my school yard chums would think of the most disgusting combinations of words to make fun of each other. Bulletstorm’s immature dialogue takes me back to those days. This game is advertised as “not another shooter”, but is it really? Let me tell you the good the bad and the ugly of Bulletstorm.


In the distant future the Confederation of Planets rules the galaxy with a big stick. Dead Echo an elite group of black ops soldiers named Dead Echo protects the federation by striking first. Lead by Grayson Hunt and second in command Ishi Sato the team learns that the people they’ve been sent to kill have been critics of the Federation not terrorists like they’ve been led to believe. Flash forward a few years and Hunt and his squad of ex-Dead Echo members are soldiers of fortune. Grayson has been drowning his guilt with a bottle, until one fateful day when they stumble upon General Serrano, Hunts old boss and the guy that gave Hunt the kill orders, Grayson Hunt takes command and disables both the General’s ship and his own. Both ships crash on a planet filled with mutants, savages and giant creatures. Now the two survivors Hunt and Ishi have to find a way off this planet before it kills them. The big difference between this shooter and others is that this game you have to kill guys in spectacularly brutal ways. For each kill that goes above and beyond just shooting the motherfucker you get skillshot points which are used to buy upgrades and buy ammo. There are a plethora of tools of destruction to choose from including the leash which allows you to grab objects and enemies pulling them towards you.

The Good

I fell in love with this game when I heard the phrase, “I’m going to kill your dick.” This game is over the top and it makes no apologizes about it.

From the language to the weapons to the skillshots everything thing about this appeals to the Id part of my psyche. The skillshots separate this game from all the other shooters out on the market. Skillshots can range from shooting an enemy in the nuts to kicking an enemy into conveniently placed spikes. For every skillshot that you obtain you get points where you the player can purchase weapon upgrades and ammo to do even more skillshots. The idea being that the player will have to come up with better more extravagant ways of dishing out pain. The weapons in this game are interesting twists on what has already been done before. Not like the sniper rifle isn’t still a great long range choice, its just that with the charged shots you can redirect into your target. Once you connect with the bullet you can steer your now dead enemy into other bad guys and then detonate an explosion taking out an entire group. Your main weapon is a leash that allows you to grab enemies or barrels and fling them toward you. When the objects come at you a localized bullet time affect allows the player to kick the object any where on they choose. An upgraded leash allows players to thump enemies into the air making them easy targets.

The story is also engaging despite its childish humor. The character of Grayson Hunt actually grows and develops during the coarse of the game. His life is this horrible series of bad decisions and by the end he realizes the repercussions of his rash decisions. Speaking of the ending…

The Bad

Nothing pisses me off more than sequel bait in games that are new IP’s. Not that the ending isn’t good there isn’t any guarantee that there will be another game.  There are some dud weapons such as the cannon ball gun. Its  simply isn’t as fun as the other weapons. The beginning is pretty boring  until you start to acquire  weapons like the bola grenade launcher; until then all you have is a standard pistol and generic machine gun, and you have just those two weapons for far too long it felt. Also there isn’t much in the way of variety in the game. Its for all intents a purposes a strict first person shooter. That means no puzzles, no sidequests, and its extremely linear.

The Ugly

This game has very little replay value. Once you beat the campaign you can play it again or try your luck in the echo mode which is like playing the campaign only your trying to get the high score. There is a multiplayer co-op mode where you try to also get the high score. Problem is the game won’t allow the players to progress unless they meet a minimum score. If you don’t have a coordinated team them consider yourself fucked.

Closing Arguments

All in all Bulletstorm is a good game.  I had a great time playing it while it lasted and its worth checking out, don’t expect the game to be a in your disk tray for long however because the game just doesn’t have that lasting appeal. The story is a great blend of over the top action and soul searching warrior mixed in. It’s never too much of either but could leave those wanting more of either type of story. Is it just another shooter? Yes, but its a fucking dick blasting load of fun.

Rating 7.5/10

Pour me a drink Superman…

Fuck... Just Fuck.


~ by Andrew Braid on July 16, 2011.

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