||Action Corner|| Tactical Force

Welcome back to ACTION CORNER!!!  This time around, I will be tackling a movie starring one of the most badass men to ever dominate the WWE!!!  Tactical Force is a 2011 action film about a training exercise for the LAPD SWAT Team that goes terribly wrong when they find themselves pitted against two rival gangs while trapped in an abandoned Hangar, armed with nothing but blanks.

The film stars Steve Austin as SWAT Captain Frank Tate,  Michael Jai White as Hunt, Candace Elaine as Ilya Kalashnikova, Lexa Doig as Jannard, Steve Bacic as Blanco, Michael Shanks as Demetrius, Michael Eklund as Kenny, Darren Shahlavi as Storato, Adrian Holmes as Lampone, and Peter Kent as Vladimir.

The music is being written and composed by Michael Richard Plowman.

The film is written and directed by Adamo P. Cultraro.

Tactical Force is being produced by Nasser Group North, and distributed by Vivendi Entertainment.

Ahhh, movies like this make my world go round.  Ever since Stone Cold retired from professional wrestling, he has given us some action gems that have been released straight-to-DVD.  Add to that the awesomeness of Michael Jai White, and you get an action movie that is worth watching.  The no-holds-barred style of fighting and shooting really strike a cord with me.  Why don’t action movies like this get released in theaters???  Instead we get bullshit action movies like Universal‘s Van Helsing and Screen GemsLegion, and how those movies got the green light for theatrical release I will never know.  I really enjoyed Steve Austin’s last film, Anchor Bay and Nasser Group’s Hunt to Kill, and Michael Jai White’s last film, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Remarkable‘s Blood and Bone (seriously, you should check these movies out).  I hope this film follows in the same vein and gives me just classic action movie style and fun.  I know that the two of them can bring the pain on their own, but I am very curious to see how the two of them will work together.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and this will lead to Michael Jai White coming over to appear in Lionsgate and Millennium‘s The Expendables 2!!!  You never know.

Tactical Force gets a straight-to-DVD release on August 9, 2011 in 2D!!!

~ by Matt Whitfield on July 25, 2011.

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