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Welcome back to ACTION CORNER!!!  This time around I will be tackling a movie based off a popular board game from the 1980s, a remake of a 2007 Israeli film, and a film adaptation of a 2005 novel by James Sallis.  LET’S GET TO IT!!!


Battleship is a 2012 action science fiction naval war film based on the Hasbro game of the same name.

The film stars Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper, Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper, Brooklyn Decker as Sam Shane, Josh Pence as Chief Moore, with Academy Award Nominee Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane, and introducing Rihanna as Raikes.

The film is being written by Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber.

The film is being directed by Peter Berg.

Battleship is being produced by Universal Pictures, Hasbro, Battleship Delta Productions, Film 44, and Stuber Productions, and is being distributed by Universal Pictures.

Battleship (teaser trailer)

BATTLESHIP!!!  Oh I cannot wait for this movie.  When this movie got announced 2 years ago, I feel like I was the only one that cared.  One of my favorite directors, Peter Berg, is signed on to direct a Battleship movie???  How can this be bad???  And 2 years later when the first trailer hit, I am still just as excited if not more!!!  All my friends and fellow Fandom Menace group thought I was crazy for being excited for this movie……but they’re wrong.  Yes the plot is stupid, yes that R&B singer is in it, BUT WHO CARES!!!  IT’S BATTLESHIP!!!  I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN FOR TWO HOURS WATCHING SHIPS FIGHT ALIENS IN THE OCEAN FOR SOME REASON AND HAVE LIAM NEESON BE ANGRY!!!

Battleship hits theaters hits theaters on May 18, 2012 in 2D!!!

The Debt

The Debt is a 2011 action drama thriller film and is a remake of the 2007 Israeli film of the same name by Assaf Bernstein.

The film stars Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren as Rachel Singer, Academy Award Nominee Tom Wilkinson as Stefan, Ciarán Hinds as David, Jessica Chastain as Young Rachel Singer, Marton Csokas as Young Stefan, Sam Worthington as Young David, and Jesper Christensen as Dieter Vogel.

The film is being written by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, and Peter Straughan.

The film is being directed by Academy Award Nominated Director John Madden.

The Debt is being produced by Miramax Films and Marv Films, and is being distributed by Focus Features.

The Debt (trailer)

Hmmm……this could be interesting.  I gotta tell you though, I’m not completely convinced with this trailer.  I’m wondering how well the past story and current story are going to play with each other.  Also, with two distinct storylines, does this mean the movie is going to be SUPER LONG?  I just don’t know.  But with actors like Helen Mirran and Tom Wilkinson and writer/producer Matthew Vaughn, at least there is an extreme amount of class coming to us on the screen.  The director also makes me nervous.  John Madden is best known for having directed Miramax and Universal’s Shakespeare in Love, and I personally have a huge dislike for that film.  It was originally scheduled for release last December, but was one of two films pushed back due to Miramax Films being sold by WALT DISNEY COMPANY to another company (the other film being Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, scheduled for release in September by FilmDistrict).

The Debt hits theaters on August 31, 2011 in 2D!!!



Drive is a 2011 action drama film adapted from James Sallis’ 2005 novel of the same name.

The film stars Academy Award Nominee Ryan Gosling as Driver, Academy Award Nominee Carey Mulligan as Irene, Bryan Cranston as Shannon, Christina Hendricks as Blanche, Academy Award Nominee Albert Brooks as Bernie Rose, Oscar Isaac as Standard Gabriel Guzman, and Ron Perlman as Nino.

The music is being written and composed by Cliff Martinez.

The film is being written by Hossein Amini.

The film is being directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Drive is being produced by Bold Films, Odd Lot Entertainment, Marc Platt Productions, and Seed Productions, and is being distributed by FilmDistrict.

Drive (red band trailer)

All right…this is the film I’ve been waiting for Ryan Gosling to make since he came onto the scene.  He has so much potential yet he just seems to stick to romantic comedies.  This movie not only looks fun, but it actually looks GOOD.  The director has stated in interviews that this movie is influenced by the classic movie Bullitt.  Movies like this are always fun for me to watch.  A guy on the run trying to beat the bad guy.  And with a cast like this one…..this really seems like it can be a film to watch!!!  There really isn’t much for me to say other than WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

Drive hits theaters on September 16, 2011 in 2D!!!

~ by Matt Whitfield on August 6, 2011.

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