Bad Outfit: Captain America Review

Fish out of water is the term to best describe the clean cut Captain America. Taken right out of a time when good and evil were as clear as night and day, Captain America fought the last good war knowing that their was an evil to stop, and that evil was the Axis powers. Frozen in time and released in the 1960 where America finds itself in a very shade of grey type of conflict in Vietnam. This added a new dynamic Captain America who represented the best America has to offer in the 1940. How does a man go from understanding who the bad guys are to seeing that perhaps not every conflict is so cut and dry. Smartly the makers of Captain America: The First Avengers decided to take these conflicting ideas one at a time, and focused on what kind of person does it take to be Captain America.

The story of scrawny Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans turning into a super solider is the stuff of comic book legends. Joe Johnston the director, used some pretty amazing CGI effects to take the above normal build of Chris Evans and placed him in the body of our friend of the Fandom Menace Kevin Weaver (jk). Never once did I think that he looked awkward- in fact Chris Evans appeared to be quite comfortable in his scrawny body. Then when wimpy Steve Rogers is injected with the super soldier serum you can still see that fragile man buried deep beneath those muscles, which is a testament to Chris Evans acting and the vision of Joe Johnston. Johnston also spent just as much time with Evans supporting cast. Tommy Lee Jones steals the show when ever he was on screen as the no shit taking Colonel Chester Phillips. Stanley Tucci plays Dr. Abraham Erskine, and even though his screen time was short Tucci makes Steve Rogers the hero that he believes he already was. Hayley Atwell plays Peggy Carter which is a hard role to play. Haley had to convey that she was a strong woman in the 1940’s that belongs to be in the same room as Cap’n, and also a love interest, which if you”ve seen Green Lantern you would know that it takes a certain finesse from a skilled actor to pull it off, and pull it off Hayley Atwell does. Dominic Cooper plays the young Howard Stark which was overshadowed by some of the other supporting players, but added a layer to the whole Marvel movie continuity.

Speaking of continuity there is plenty of it in this Marvel movie. Combing loose ends from the recent Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man. Some references are more overt then others but rest assured they are there. The biggest reference comes from the Cosmic Cube, that shiny object that Sam Jackson has at the end of Thor.

The bad guy in this movie, Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving, believes in all those old fables and folklore to be true. One of those old stories talked about a object Odin had that can bend reality to its whim. Lucky for the Red Skull he’s right, and he quickly finds the magical Cosmic Cube. With the help from the Nazi funded group called Hydra Red Skull plans to use the Cosmic Cube for his own personal quest for world domination. Unfortunately the Cube turns out to be nothing more than a maguffin and we really never see the true potential of this devastating object from Marvel Comics lore. Hugo Weaving does his best at being evil, but the audience never really knows who the Red Skull is. While the movie does a great job showing us how Captain America came to be; the last third of the movie seems to be more setup to the Avenger movie and other sequels.

kids were far more responsible back then

Nothing is more evident than the “death” of James “Bucky” Barnes played by Sebastian Stan. Bucky is the one guy who remembers Steve Rogers before his transformation and Sebastian looks and plays the part well, and yes I know that in the comics this all happened, it just seemed to be awkwardly placed in the middle of the third act.

All in all Captain America: The First Avenger is a great lead in to the Avengers movie, but more than that its a great summer action movie that only wavers towards the end.

Rating 8/10

Pour me a drink Superman

Whose Steve *burb*

~ by Andrew Braid on August 13, 2011.

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  1. In the era of the tortured superhero in movies, it’s refreshing to come across one with enthusiasm and a pure spirit. Good Review! Check out my site whenever you can!

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