That’s What She Said: Our Idiot Brother

Well folks, there’s a new great comedy out there that is a must see and since I am The Connoisseur of Comedy, it is my job to bring you the “horribly” written review on it.  As I said on the podcast, I went into this movie expecting to be annoyed or pissed off because I thought this movie was about a loser brother that constantly gets shit on by everyone around him. Which he does but not in that Meet the Parents way that comedies in this genre have been tending to do lately and for that reason I give the filmmakers kudos.

The first scene of the movie opens on a farmer’s market where we see our hero, or anti-hero in this case, selling his lovingly grown fruits and vegetables to a father and his daughter. While the father and Ned, played by Paul Rudd, are exchanging money the little girl takes a bite out of the produce. The father says something along the lines of,  “Put it back, that’s not ours.” And as the two walk away Ned takes a bowl full of the produce, calls the little girl back and hands it to her. She walks away happy with the cutest little smile on her face. Already I like Ned, in that first scene the filmmakers establish that Ned isn’t you’re typical man and as he says later on in the movie, “I live my life a certain way, I think that if you give people the benefit of the doubt, they’re gonna wanna live up to it.”

He “tries to do good but it doesn’t always work out.” Like when he sold pot to a uniformed police officer. The officer said it had been a rough week and he need to unwind. I mean he looked really down and out and Ned’s such a good person that he fell for it. One of my favorite scenes comes shortly after his arrest when he is released early for good behavior and all the prison guards are praising him as he walks out of the gates. That’s the kind of guy that Ned is. He can make friends with anyone even a rich heiress or his girlfriend’s new boyfriend and get them to tell him their life story.

All in all this is a really fun movie, not necessarily a laugh ‘til you cry type of comedy but that’s because it’s much more than that. It’s a heartwarming story about a guy who trusts too much and is genuinely kind hearted and caring to the point that it’s funny. Like when Ned stops to watch a butterfly pass by him with a huge grin on his face. I think this is the role of Rudd’s career and it doesn’t hurt that all the supporting roles are so well acted.  A great cast, a great story and you get to see Zooey Deschanel make out with Rashida Jones, not that I care. I just thought it was worth mentioning. Definitely go see this one before it’s too late. A character like Ned should not be missed!


~ by Christy Earls on September 1, 2011.

One Response to “That’s What She Said: Our Idiot Brother”

  1. Nice Review! Paul Rudd is terrific as the loveable, good-hearted, naive Ned. His warmth makes this a feel good film, but the annoying sisters take their toll and nearly ruin my Rudd buzz. Check out my review when you get a chance!

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