The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Assassin Creed: Brotherhood

What’s better than Heather Graham’s boobs? Video game quasi-sequels, Yay! Ok so quasi-sequels to video games are not as good as Heather Graham’s boobs, but I’m going to guess that one of two reasons brought you to this blog. Either you wanted to hear my amateur ramblings about a game that came out nearly a year ago, or you wanted to see some famous titties. If you want to see my opinion on Assassin Creed: Brotherhood (ha I wrote ass twice) then stick around and comment on the serious lack of Heather Graham boob in this blog.

The Premise

Assassin Creed is an open world sand box game (its like Grand Theft Auto but..) for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For those out there that are new to the series the world of Assassin Creed takes place in modern times.

“But, Andy why does it look like it takes place during Shakespeare time?”- A stupid person.

Well that’s because In the story you play as Desmond Miles who gets strapped down to a machine called the animus that allows him to relive the events of his ancestors. According to the mythology the animus can recall special memories that are locked into your genetic code. So for brief period of the game you play as Desmond in modern times and for most of the game you play as Ezio Auditorie (Desmond’s great great great great great great grand-daddy) in the Italian Renaissance . Ezio was thrust into the order of Assassin when agents for the Templars (Bad guys) falsely accused and executed his father and brothers. Due to the events of the last game Ezio must now rebuild the Assassin Order that was destroyed in the very start of this game.  The Assassin’s Order, in present day, believe that some memory in Desmond’s genetic code will give them a upper hand in their never-ending war with the Templars. The big Difference between this game and the last is the addition of competitive multiplayer. Also added is the ability to train new assassins and call upon them to do you dirty work. Oh, and look he has a parachute how cute!

...and that cloud looks like a flying man.

The Good

Last item first, The multiplayer is quite enjoyable. Its a giant game of hide and seek where you are “it” as well as not “it”. Confused? At the start of the multiplayer game you are given a player to assassinate at the same time some other player is trying to assassinate you. You can hide among the crowds or blend in with a group of NPC look a likes hoping to throw off the assassin looking for you, or hide in wait for your target to foolishly start running. It was a nice change of pace to do something other than fire a machine gun at someone, its also very satisfying to mind fuck your opponents. Take a look at this youtube video that I didn’t make…

The Single player campaign continues the tradition of Assassin Creed II, with additions to the “truth” and those puzzle/running sequences returning in this game. Brotherhood takes place in Rome this time where Ezio sets up shop as the new HQ for the Assassin Order. Along the way Ezio can rebuild shops and plot his revenge on none other than the Pope, who during this era is arguably the most powerful man in the world. The big addition to this quasi-sequel is the ability to recruit new Assassins. When you do this you can do one of two things with them: Send assassins to foreign lands to gain exp. and money, or call upon them to assist Ezio in whatever he’s doing. All you do is highlight the target you want to take out and like magic the assassin (s) will jump out of a bush or ride in on horse back to take out the enemy. I found this to be more enjoyable than I thought, because you can see the difference between the novice assassin and the master assassin. Watching the growth of some vagrant to master assassin is a fun addition to this game. It’s also quite enjoyable being the commander of a group of assassins casting your deadly gaze on all those that you want to die. However…

The Bad

…The summoning Assassin feature makes the game, As Shao Khan would say, far to0 easy. While you can’t spam the summon assassin button, the meter that fills up to allow you to summon them fills up too quickly. There is also never a time where I thought to myself I wish I had backup, I was always just too lazy to get off my ass and assassinate. While the multiplayer is not the same old thing it does lacks variety, and like most online multiplayer games can get overly repetitive. The ending of the game doesn’t really answer any of the nagging questions that the first and second games brought up, It just raises a new set of even stranger questions. Luckily you don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens to Desmond because Ubisoft is realeasing another AC title called Assassin Creed: Revelation which brings me to…

Yep another one and only a year later

The Ugly

Am I the only one out here that thinks that companies like Ubisoft, EA, Activision, and others are doing a disservice to their customers by putting out “sequels” to games with just a little extra content such as Dynasty Warriors/Tony Hawk/Guitar Hero/Madden/Mario/Zelda/Mega Man/Street Fighter II… O.K. so I guess this has been happening for a while. Lets face it gamers are like Waylon Smithers getting excited because Malibu Stacy has a new hat.

Why would a large company sell me something twice?

Closing Comments

If your a fan then you already own this game and if your not a fan of this series this entry is not going to change your mind. Assassin Creed: Brotherhood is more of the same just presented slightly different than Assassin Creed II.

Rating 8/10 : For an original multiplayer feature, but more of the same great single player with little changes.

Pour me a drink Superman

I thought you said we gonna see Heather Grahams tits...

~ by Andrew Braid on September 15, 2011.

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