Silent House

Silent House is a 2012 LD Entertainment and Elle Driver horror film and is a remake of the 2010 Uruguayan film La Casa Muda.

The film stars Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, Adam Trese as John, Eric Sheffer Stevens as Peter, Julia Taylor Ross as Sophia, and Haley Murphy as “The Little Girl”.

The music is written and composed by Nathan Larson.

The film’s screenplay is written by Laura Lau, based on the original screenplay by Oscar Estevez.

The film is produced by LD Entertainment, Elle Driver, Silverwood Films, Eye for an Eye, Filmworks, and Tazora Films.  It is distributed by Open Road Films.

Silent House is directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau.

Silent House is yet another movie trying to give us scares with the whole “found footage” idea, even though this isn’t a found footage movie, it’s just shot that way.  The film is unimpressive in every aspect when the exception of the star, Elizabeth Olsen, who delivers a solid performance.  Well, you ready to dive in and experience real fear in real time???  Yeah, I’m not either……

#1. People Be Trippin’

In all honesty,Silent House would have been a decent horror film if it had decided to just be one story.  The film jumps back and forth from being a typical haunted house story, to a girl hiding from a guy going after her and her dad, to…SPOILER…it being all in her head!!!  If you are going to do a story, do a story.  This felt like they had three incomplete scripts for three different movies and decided to just shove them all together and try to make a coherent story.  The movie just had no focus.  People may say it was about following the girl and all the crazy stuff that happens to her, but when they throw so many things at you to purposely try to throw you off the trail, then you ultimately fail in telling your story.

Not even these two could figure out what the hell the story was!!! AND THE GUY ON THE RIGHT IS IRON MAN!!!


#2. The Silver Lining

The best thing about the film has got to be the performance of Elizabeth Olsen.  Being the younger sister of the Olsen Twins, she had a lot to prove in my mind as far as acting, and she delivered in spades with her first feature film Martha Marcy May Marlene.  And now to see her step out of that realm and tackle a genre completely different was not only awesome to watch but a pleasure to see just how well she did.  The entire film depended on her convincing us of what was going on and with the exception of the last 15 minutes or so, her performance was exceptional.  Elizabeth Olsen is someone we need to keep an eye on in the future, she’s going to be big.

Why is she more popular than us??? She's the little sister!!! LIKE US PEOPLE!!! LIKE US!!!


#3. Paul Greengrass says, “No child.”

Shooting with hand-held cameras is cheap, but director Paul Greengrass seems to be the only one capable of making a coherent and compelling film this way.  Silent House is no exception.  This movie is advertised with the gimmick of being all one take, with the camera following around Sarah throughout her experiences in the house, but it is far from that.  To the untrained eye, it looks like one take, but anyone that has ever worked with film is more than capable to pick out the various cuts throughout the movie and deliberate camera shots in order to stop rolling the camera.  This added with the almost comical hand-held camera work, the film just becomes a visual mess on screen.  Just because doing something is cheap doesn’t always make it the best option.  I know that’s what the filmmakers were going for with this film, but if you can’t control the camera with a certain amount of restraint then maybe you need to rethink your approach before your film becomes a cinematic bowel movement.

No matter how hard everyone tries, they still can't copy my work with a camera. I AM......THE MAN!!!


#4. The Finale

Well, Silent House would have been a fun experience to watch if it was handled better.  I actually did enjoy most of the film up until the ending, but looking back, all of these flaws just stick out in my mind.  I can’t seem to shake them off.  Weird decisions were made in order to sell everyone on a gimmick that the average movie watcher doesn’t give two shits about, and that film people are able to just pick apart.  FAIL!!!  If you would like to see an excellent performance though, then go see it.  Elizabeth Olsen is a pleasure to watch on screen.  I hope she finds more work in the future.

a 3 out of 10

what did you think Quark???

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~ by Matt Whitfield on March 14, 2012.

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  1. Wait… hold the phone… there’s another Olsen girl (head explode).

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