Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer

Wanted:  Somebody to go back in time with me.  Does anything appeal more to the dreamer in all of us then this premise?  Somebody somewhere placed this ad in The Copenhagen Post and while we all laugh, part of us wishes it were true.  On more then a few occasions, I have found myself wondering “what IF?”  While I don’t really believe that the man who placed this ad has acquired the ability to travel back in time, I do believe that he believes he has.  There is something odd and charming about the concept of a man asking for an armed accomplice on an adventure through time and while we may never truly know the deeper origins of this ad, a collection of some of my favorite people in Hollywood have come together to explore the idea with loving creativity and Wes Anderson-esque charm in “Safety Not Guaranteed,” which killed at both Sundance and SXSW this year.

The film stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), Jake M. Johnson (New Girl, 21 Jump Street), Mark Duplass (The League), Jeff Garlin (Wall-E, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Mr. Show with Bob and David, 24) and has a tentative release date of June 8.  Hope to see you all there.  Bring your own weapons.

~ by Andrew Craig on March 28, 2012.

One Response to “Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer”

  1. looks sweet

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