DC’s ‘Justice League’ back on track, script in the works

It appears as though DC has been doing some assembling of their own (That was lame, I apologize). While director Joss Whedon and Marvel were gearing up for what would be a record breaking film in “The Avengers”, screenwriter Will Beall was secretly penning the script for a  “Justice League” film. Apparently Warner Bros. had hired Beall last year to work on the DC team up film. Beall, for those who don’t know, is responsible for writing “Gangster Squad”, which has had quite a buzz around it for some time now. The execs at Warner Bros. liked his work so much that he is now slated to write the reboot scripts of both “Lethal Weapon” and “Logan’s Run”. So if Warner Bros. has this much faith in him, we should too… right?

Personally, I’m not quite sure how this “Justice League” movie is going to play out. With “The Avengers”, you had a perfect storm of pieces falling perfectly into place. Unfortunately for DC, an effort to tie all of these heroes together really hasn’t been attempted. “The Dark Knight” saga appears to be in a world away from the others, “The Green Lantern” made no real attempt to connect itself to its counterparts, and the rest of the gang hasn’t made a appearance on the big screen in years, if at all. The only hope currently is the upcoming Superman movie, but I wouldn’t expect them to wedge in a Justice League subplot at this point. I don’t know, it seems like DC dropped the ball a while ago by not working as a team on this one. Marvel did it with near perfection, and it’s going to be difficult for DC to strike back successfully. Although they do have Superman AND Batman working in the same team, which is practically printing money as far as I’m concerned.

~ by Brandon Gnuschke on June 6, 2012.

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