Not so funny pages: 10 Things I love about DC New 52

A year ago DC announced that they are rebooting the DCU with the event Flashpoint. I had mixed feelings because I have been following this incarnation of the DCU for my entire life. It was as if DC was pulling the plug on someone who is still alive and alert. I put those fears quickly aside because, like the pre-crisis stories of yore, history has a way of repeating itself. DC has done this once before in the 80’s making it easier for people like myself to get into reading comics. DC has taken the Star Trek approach to rebooting where they don’t say that those older stories don’t exist or aren’t cannon, but instead say that the universe now is  different due to time travel manipulation. If DC doesn’t reboot we get stories where Superman started in 1938. I don’t want what has happened in Marvel comics where you have Tony Stark and Reed Richards as war buddies in the Korean war still to this day.  Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, are far older then those two characters but its because of continuity reboots that keeps them constantly relevant. So let me punch through the universe and list 10 things I love about the New 52

10. Clark denied/back to basics with Superman

Before the reboot Clark Kent’s life was pretty sweet. He was a well respected reporter, He married the love of his life, and he’s Superman. So to change things up in the New 52 Clark is an up incomer in a dying media, Superman isn’t as trusted, and Lois Lane has a new boyfriend. Something like this has been needing to happen to these books for a long time. A shake up to the core of the character that didn’t involve some long time supporting cast member dying only to be brought back to life a year later, or something like The Brand New Day fiasco in the Spiderman comics. Conflict along with desire leads to great storytelling, hopefully the writers and artists can capitalize on what they have.

9. Pandora

In every single first issue of the new 52 this lady (in the center) was in the background. She first appeared at the end of Flashpoint #5 spouting on and on about merging the world for some mysterious reason. Still not much is known about her even after a back up tale in Justice League #6 and starring in the Free Comic Book day one shot. However its known that there are big plans in store for this lady and whenever she shows up something big is about to happen.

8.  Wildstorm returns

As a kid growing up and collecting comics in the 90’s it was hard not to collect  Gen-13, Wildcats, Deathblow and the many other comics from the Wildstorm imprint of Image comics. Jim Lee has always been a personal favorite so when he sold Wildstorm to DC a few years back I waited to see what they would do with the characters as well as the artist. Finally they are merging those Wildstorm properties with the DC universe much like the Charlton and Fawcett comics  of old were merged. So now you have Grifter fighting Green Arrow, Zealot helping Deathstroke capture Lobo, and Helspont beating up Superman. Its a dream come true from this kid from the 90’s.

7.  Wonder Woman origin changed for the better.

I don’t know why but Wonder Woman being created from clay never really sat well with me. Now thanks to Brain Azzarello and Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman has a more fitting origin that makes since and fits with the whole greek mythology theme that Wonder Woman is famous for: Hippolyta in a fit of passion has sex with the God Zeus. So Wonder Woman is the bastard daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus.

6. I, Vampire not sucking

This comic book has surprised me the most. When I first heard that they were making a vampire comic I thought to myself,” This is because of Twilight.” I don’t know if that statement is true or not, but if it is I’m going to give Stephine Meyers a huge slap on the ass. Let me make a distinction this book is more Buffy then glittering misunderstood angsty monsters. Andrew Bennett is a 400 year old vampire who a long time ago turned the love of his life Mary into a vampire also. While Bennett has tried to hunt his kind to extinction, Mary has tried to destroy humanity. Taking lore from the Whedonverse and even Ann Rice, Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Andrea Sorrentino has introduced vampires to the DC universe and made them relevant in a world filled with Superhero’s.

5. Embracing the fact that Aquaman is a joke

Face it who wants to be Aquaman? Well in the New 52 Aquaman simply gets no respect and it’s great. It has been said that we know far more about outer space then we do about our deepest ocean, and writer Geoff Johns has taken that concept to heart with this book. In this new universe Aquaman is a joke, but  he doesn’t care. With every minor character asking him, “how can you help you can only talk to fish” Aquaman time and time again proves that just because he’s on land doesn’t mean you should take him lightly.

4.  Earth 2: Hero’s fall

It’s only has two issues under its belt but Earth 2 is a book to watch. Sure while the media is focused on Alan Scott being gay, the bigger moment happens in the first issue where Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman all die. This bold step makes Earth 2 more distinct then its Earth 1 counterpart and I can’t wait for these two worlds to collide.

3. The Red, The Green, and The Rot

Animal Man and Swamp Thing are two characters that I never really had an interest in. Both have had series that have been critically acclaimed and inspirational to a whole host of different writers and artists out there, but still I never really wanted to read their books. When the reboot happened I decided to give them booth a shot. Animal Man (Buddy Baker) is a retired Superhero/Actor/Animal rights activist who discovers his youngest daughter is the Avatar of the Red, the living embodiment of animal life. Alec Holland was dead but now thanks to the Green, the embodiment of plant life, he is alive and refuses to once again become Swamp Thing. In both books a threat is coming for Buddy and Alec the third element, the Rot the embodiment of death. You can read each book by itself and enjoy them equally, but if you read them both you get such a better understanding as to what is happening in the world. Both Animal Man and Swamp Thing are destined to crossover at some point what has amazed me is it hasn’t happened yet.

2. Getting the super friends back together…

…and by super friends I mean the Justice League. So far we had great moments like Batman bickering with the young Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Superman and Flash Squaring off, The creation of Cyborg (vic stone), and Wonder Woman and Aquaman Stabbing Darksied in the eyes. To add icing to a bacon cake this book is written by my favorite writer right now (Geoff Jones) and my all time favorite artist (Jim Lee).  While the book is in no way deep it is certainly one of the funnest Justice League incarnation I’ve read since Grant Morrisons JLA.

1. The Court of Owls

I think Gotham city is the real winner when it comes to which character benefits most from the reboot. From All-Star Western to Nightwing more books are diving into the heart of Gotham City than ever before. Take for instance the Court of Owls story arch that started in Batman and then crossed over into all Batman related books. In that story Batman discovered a super secret society that has been pulling the strings in Gotham for a few centuries. Like Keyser Soze said,” The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” The same can be said about the Court of Owls. The people of Gotham thought the Court of Owls was just an old twisted nursery rhyme. Hell even Batman believed they were just a myth. Well they are real and they have an army of unstoppable foot soliders called the Talon. Talon are recruited every generation from Haley’s Circus, the same circus that Dick Grayson (Nightwing) came from. These guys are trained assassins that can recover from nearly any physical abuse.  This storyline has given Batman a new threat that seems impossible to destroy. These guys are so powerful and so secretive that they believe Batman is beneath them. I can’t wait to see where this arch is going and what will happen to the court after the Night of the Owls crossover that is still on sale.

That’s it so play me off Drunk Superman…

what do you mean I can’t wear my underwear on the outside no more?

~ by Andrew Braid on June 15, 2012.

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