Spoiling this Week in the DC Comics: June 13th 2012

Welcome to the first installment of this week in the DC Universe. In this segment I’m going to give a spoiler heavy synopsis of what has happen this week in the DCU and then give you what I thought stood out  in the issue and more.  I hope you enjoy.


Gail Simone : Writer, Alitha Martinez: Pencils, Vicente Cifuentes: Inks, Ulises Arreola: Colors, Dave Sharpe: Letters,

Cover by: Ardian Syaf Vicente Cifuentes and Ulises Arreola

Editor: Brian Smith


Batgirl fights a couple carjackers at an event Gala hosted by Charise Carnes. One of the Carjackers tries to escape and gets caught in a bear trap. The security at the gala assures Batgirl everything will be taken care so she leaves. Charise Carnes event is to show off her new initiative to help the area of Gotham known as Cherry Hill. While Batgirl changes into her civilian I.D. of Barbra Gordan she receives a call from her roommate, Alysia, who was thrown in jail for protesting with the 99% (oh topical). Alysia believes in the grass roots program that Charise Carnes is doing compared to people like Bruce Wayne who want renovate Gotham. Charise however has a dark past having been accused of killing her family which she denies. However the carjacker from earlier this issue is revealed to be in her room apparently at the very whim of Charise Carnes. Batgirl, on hunch goes back to find out what happened to the Carjacker/bear trap victim when she is attacked by Ms. Carne’s security team. They call themselves the Disgraced and after a short fight with  one of the members Batgirl is confronted by their leader named Knightfall.


In okay issue after the Night of the Owls crossover. It was adequate enough to start a new arch but nothing real exciting happening in this issue. I like Gail Simone’s characterization of Barbra, who is a bit more compassionate to her fellow man then the rest of the Batman family. The art team does a great job once again of capturing the dark tone, but making this book one of the more lighter in style than the rest of the Batman books. However while the book is technically great its just not very interesting yet.

Batman # 10

Scott Snyder: Writer, Greg Capullo : Penciler, Jonathan Glapion: Inker

Fco Plascencia: Colorist, Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy B : Lettering

Capullo and Plascencia : Cover Rafael Albuquerque: Variant Cover

Assistant editor : Katie Kubert

Editor: Mike Marts


Batman confronts the Court of Owls only to discover that they are all dead. Feeling like he was robbed once again from knowing the truth of his parents murder, Bruce realizes after looking at a picture of his parents that the Court was set up. Batman discovers that the recently dead former mayoral candidate Lincoln March is still alive. Turns out March wasn’t who he said he was but was a member of the Court of Owls. Mr. March drank the formula that keeps the Talon’s alive after death and faked his own by sending a Talon after himself. Lincoln then murdered the Court and reveals to Batman that…


he’s Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce Wayne’s younger brother.


Batman has been an excellent book since the beginning of the reboot and this issue is no exception. If your a fan of Batman and you haven’t started reading this book you have got to start. Whether you like it or not this story will be talked about for a long time. What I like is that when Lincoln March first appeared in issue #2 I thought how funny that he looks so much like Bruce. Now I know why. As the revelation of who Lincoln March  was revealed I didn’t feel cheated which makes this twist so great.

The Fall of the House of Wayne part 2 – Back up story

Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion, Art Rafael Albuquerque

Colors: Dave McCraig, Letters: Dezi Sienty


Jarvis Pennysworth’s last minutes alive are revealed as he narrates the story of Martha Wayne’s fight against the Court of Owls. In the present Jarvis is fighting for his life against a Talon while in the past he is contacted by the Court to set up a hit on Martha Wayne. While the Talon in the present sets fire to the building Jarvis is hiding in, the same Talon in the past causes a car crash that includes Jarvis, Bruce Wayne, Martha Wayne and her unborn child.


I haven’t been a huge fan of the backup stories lately, but this story is a good supplement to the main story. Considering this is a new universe it’s good to see that things are different then the old universe even in books that were apparently unaffected by the reboot.

Batman and Robin #10

Writer: Peter J Tomasi, Penciller: Patrick Gleason, Inker: Mick Gray

Colorist: John Kalisz, Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual, Cover: Gleason,Gray,Kalisz

Rickey Purdin : Assistant Editor, Rachel Gluckstern: Editor


Damian Wayne challenges all the past Robins saying he will defeat them at something that they feel unbeatable at. First up is Tim Drake who is pissed about Damian killing Netz ( as seen in Batman INC. : Leviathan Strikes). Damian shows Tim that even he is above considering killing someone, by showing Tim the fight between him and Fist Point ( that happened in Teen Titans Annual #1). A fight between the two Robins ensues resulting in Tim admitting he thought about murdering Fist Point. Damian walks away saying that Tim will never be what he is: a Wayne and a Robin. Meanwhile a villain named Terminus is gathering like minded individuals to attack Batman.


Batman and Robin is my second favorite Batman book. Seeing all the past Robins together was great and a long time coming. It was great to see Tim Drake back in Gotham and interacting with Damian. If you can recall when Damian first appeared he attacked both Batman and Tim, so it was nice to recall that scene from the past. The new villain is interesting, but he was nothing more than foreshadow in the story.

Deathstroke #10

Writer/Artist: Rob Liefeld, Inks: Jacob Bear, Liefield,

Colors: Andy Troy, Ross Hughes, Letters: Travis Lanham, Cover: Liefield and Troy

Brain Smith: Editor


Deathstroke and Zealot visit whats left of the prison Lobo broke out of, and they are attacked by a Khund warrior. Meanwhile Lobo eats his wait at a local 5 and dime and makes his way to his ship Starpoint where he wants to destroy Earth for holding him prisoner.


I was not a  fan of Liefield’s previous series Hawk and Dove, but this is a little better. The artwork is typical Liefield: big guys with big muscles and fit women with big tits and nothing in the background. A lot of flash but no real substance. At best the issue is by the numbers at worst its boring.

Demon Knights # 10

Writer: Paul Cornell, Penciller: Diogenes Neves, Inkers: Oclair Albert, Julio Ferreira

Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo, Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher, Cover: Michael Choi

Chris Conroy: Editor


The Demon Knights traveling by sea to find Avalon in Brittan when they are attacked by pirates riding a sea serpent. They defeat the pirates and make their way on land where they are warned of the beasts surrounding the ruins of Camelot. While traveling they encounter and defeat a giant wolf which after it’s defeat reverts to a regular wolf. It turns out that the animals are being transformed into their essential natures. Wolves are more wolf like deer are super fast. The gang makes their way to Camelot only to find the living skeleton of King Arthur. Arthur touches Entrigan transforming him, Horsewoman, Sir Ystin, Vandal Savage,and Al Jabar into essential versions of themselves.


Overall this issue felt like a filler issue. Its as if they are prolonging this story for some artificial reason. This issue doesn’t have the same characterization and plot that this series has been known for. It’s an action issue with the Demon Knights getting into fights for no real reason.

Frankenstien agent of S.H.A.D.E. #10

Writer: Matt Kindt, Penciller: Alberto Ponticeli. Inker: Wayne Faucher

Colorist: Jose Villarrubia, Letterer: Patrick Brosseau, Cover Color: Hi-Fi

Kate Stewart: Assistant Editor

Joey Cavalieri: Editor


Frankenstein is attacked at the S.H.A.D.E. Library by Scare-eb, S.H.A.D.E. Insectoid Assassins. After defeating the Scare-eb’s, Frankenstein consults with Father Time who says that their is a traitor in S.H.A.D.E.. An agent by the name of Crowly has gone dark. So  Frankenstein and the Creature Commando’s are dispatched into the other dimensional city called Untropolis. Upon arriving in Untropolis Frank and Griffith (the werewolf) go to locate Crowly. Griffith is attacked by Scare-eb and is unable to follow so Velcoro (the vampire) goes in as Franks backup. Frank catches up with Crowly in the sewer. Crowly tell Frank that she was only following orders and released the Scare-eb because of a Telepa-graph that told her Frankenstein was going to turn rogue. As Crowly  was leading Frank to the Telepa-graph she opens a trapdoor causing Frank to fall into the ocean. Unfortunately the jet pack he is wearing will short-circuit when submerged in water disintigrating him. Velcoro catches up with Crowly and confronts her.


This comic has finally found its balance of weird super science meets Mission Impossible espionage. I love that the artwork has evolved into a less grim and dark style with the heavy inks and has become a little bit more colorful in the process. On the cover I noticed that it states that Jeff Lemire wrote this issue but in actuality this is Matt Kindt’s first issue on the book. Kindt has transitioned into the book nicely much better than the books Rob Liefield has taken over. A very fun read I can’t wait for the next issue.

Green Lantern # 10

Writer: Geoff Johns, Pencils: Doug Mahnke, Inks: Christian Alamy, Kieth Champagne, Mark Irwin and Tom Nguyen

Colors: Hi-Fi, Letterer: Sal Cipriano, Cover: Mahnke, Irwin and Alex Sinclair

Assistant Editor: Darren Shan, Associate Editor: Wil Moss

Brian Cunningham and Matt Idelson : Editors


With the Indigo Battery destroyed Sinestro and Hal Jordon are on the run from the former Indigo tribe who are actually some of the worst sociopaths the universe have ever scene. The two nearly powerless Green Lanterns run after Natoromo the lone guardian of the Indgio Tribe. Sinestro catches up with Natormo first and threats to kill him. Jordon convinces him that killing him isn’t the anwser and for the first time Sinestro agrees. Sinestro goes to confront the former Indigo tribe with a powerless ring while Hal travels with Natoromo to repair the Indigo Battery. With Iroque’s help the Battery is repaired and the Indigo Tribe is once again enslaved, except for the Black Hand who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. Sinestro is also enslaved and he can only be released if Hal says he can find redemption without the indigo ring. Hal says he wants to believe he can. Black Hand’s corpse burps out a black ring which brings him back to life.


Geoff Johns knows how to interject great character moments into every book. Cool moments like when Hal tells Sinestro that he’s crazy to challenge the Indigo tribe without his ring, and Sinestro replies, “It’s what you would do.” Moments like that are not only cool, but shows how the dynamic of good guy vs bad guy has changed between these two. I’ve loved Doug’s pencils since he drew Superman : Man of Steel back in the day. He excels at drawing his characters in danger, but he can easily make the quiet scenes equally compelling to look at. Looking forward to seeing the Black Hand in the coming issues.

Grifter #10

Story: Rob Liefeld, Dialogue: Frank Tieri, Pencils: Scott Clark, Inks: Dave Beaty

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse, Letterer: Wes Abbott, Cover: Liefeld And Dalhouse

Brain Smith: Editor


Grifter, Deathblow, and Chesire are ambushed by Daemonite elites on the way to a safe house. While fighting Grifter displays powerful telekintic abilities that defeat the Daemonite forces allowing the team to escape. Later at the safe house Grifter questions Deathblow’s resistance force against the Daemonites. Just as Deathblow says that he trusts his new team a person name Synge destroys the cabin they are in.


I have one major problem with this issue. Besides it being all generic action sequences the main character Grifter gains new powers in the fight, and no one not even Grifter, says anything about it. Considering in this version of the character he received his Daemonite mind reading abilities from the Daemonites you would think Grifter would question why he suddenly has the abillity to move stuff with his mind. A simple, ” hey that’s new” type of line would go a long way. I did enjoy the art: Kudos to Scott Clark, Dave Beaty, and Andrew Dallhouse for making this book at least enjoyable to look at.

Legion Lost #10

Writer: Tom Defalco, Art: Pete Woods, Colors: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Travis Lankha, Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert

Brain Cunningham: Editor


After the events of the Culling crossover between Superboy,  and Teen Titans, our Heroes make it back to the 31st century to find it in ruins. The team decides to travel back into the past a few years to try and find out how this happened; the time bubble takes them all way back to the 21st century a day after they left. They believe that something Harvest did in our present screwed with their future and their time machine. Meanwhile Steve Trevor at A.R.G.U.S. wants to bring the Legionare’s in for questioning. Major Nicholson is transferred to Homeland Security where she witnesses the Meta American project. A U.S. born and trained superhuman and a military unit to back him up. After arriving in New York Timber Wolf searches for his local contact who, unbeknownst to Timber Wolf, is working for Major Nicholson. When Timber Wolf finds his contact he takes three bullets in the chest.


I’m glad to see that this team has more of a purpose than getting back home.While reading earlier issues I thought to myself how long can the writer keep this premise up. This issue brought up some great questions for the lost bunch. Like did they do something to make this terrible future happen? Was Harvest trying to prevent this from occurring? And what is the prophecy that Tyroc’s people told him about? I liked the use of Steve Trevor which ties into his role as human policeman for the Justice League. All in all an okay issue.

The Ravagers #2

Plot: Howard Mackie, Dialogue: Howard Mackie and Tom Defalco

Penciller: Ian Churchill, Inker: Norm Rapmund, Colorsits: Alex Sollazzo and Hi-Fi

Letterer: Dezi Sienty, Cover: Churchill with Peter Steigerwald

Assistant Editor: Darren Shan

Editor: Eddie Berganza


Caitlin Fairchild is still on the run with Thunder and Lightning (Alexi and Alya respectfully) and the Ravager known as Ridge. Harvest dispatches his first recruit Shadow Walker to find Caitlin and her group. Walker kidnaps Thunder in order to manipulate Lightning. Lightning captures Ridge and Caitlin, but just as she drags Fairchild’s body to Shadow Walker, Thunder breaks free. Together with Lightning they release Ridge from his bonds. Ridge discovers that Shadow Walker implanted his shadow into everyone’s containment suit in order to track them. So Ridge rips the part of the containment suit that contains the shadow off Lightining. Lightning then fries the shadow part which in turns fries Shadow Walker. Meanwhile Beast Boy has a nightmare about Brother Blood.


Like a lot of books in the new 52 this story doesn’t slow down enough for the reader to digest whats going on. Although Caitlin is narrating throughout the issue I don’t have a sense as to what her motivation is. I have know Idea what or how Ridge is the way he is. The only thing I know about Thunder and Lightning is that they have stupid names and they’re brother and sister. This issue is kind of meh.

Resurrection Man #10

Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Artist: Jesus Saiz

Colors: JeromyCox, Letterer: Rob Leigh, Cover: Rafael Albuquerque with Art Lyon

Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert

Brain Cunningham: Editor


Mitch Shelly the Resurrection Man and Kim Rebecki the psychometric detective vist a Lab that might have clues on Mitch Shelly life before resurrection. Just when the two of them find a lead they are attacked by the angel Suriel who is once again trying to bring Mitch’s soul to heaven. In the middle of fighting Outcast the representative from hell interrupts the fight. Mitch makes a deal with the two of them: give him a week to find out the truth about his past and then they can fight over who should control him.


The great thing about this book is the variety of stories you can tell. In this issue for example Mitch and friend fight robots one page and then fight Angels on the next page. On top of that with Mitch’s ability to come back from the dead with a different power every time that equals even more variety. Kudos to the writers for not doing what has been done every issue and kill Mitch. It was becoming a cliche that every issue he gets killed. Although this issue was mostly setup to something bigger I enjoyed the ride and how fun it was.

Suicide Squad #10

Writer: Adam Glass, Artist: Fernando Dagnino, Colorist: Matt Yackey

Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher, Cover: Ken Lashley with Rod Reis

Assistant Editor: Rickey Purdin

Rachel Gluckstern: Editor


Harley Quinn rejoins Task Force X to bring down a hostage situation. The group known as Basilisk broke into a board meeting and held the group hostage. Harley Quinn distracts them with a gag pizza delivery while Deadshot and The Spider break in. The Basilisk agent holds a man hostage, so Deadshot kills all the hostages. Task Force X’s mission is to capture the Basilisk agent for questioning everything else is okay to kill. The rest of the team subdue the villain and pulls out a fake cyanide tooth before he swallows. Spider recognizes the man  and tells the story of his fight with Regulus the leader of Basilisk. The team realizes that the hostage situation was only a distraction. They find two Basilisk agents downloading files onto a flash drive. Meanwhile Amanda Waller is visited by Yo-Yo who is angry that King Shark ate him. Amanda explains that was a test to prove that Yo-Yo’s abilities make him damn near indestructible. Spider recovers the flash drive from the two Basilisk agents and tells Waller they were after info on project Genesis. Deadshot interrupts by telling Waller the agent they were suppose to capture alive is now dead. Amanda Waller thinks there is a double agent on the team.


A solid issue from start to finish. I like moments where these bad guy turned hero’s still have their bad guy moments. Like when Deadshot kills the hostages or in order to get the flash drive that the Basilisk agent swallows King Shark rips them open. It’s fun to see a joke character like Yo-Yo get treated with a little respect. A great issue.

Superboy #10

Writer: Scott Lobdell, Guest Artist: Sebastian Fiumara

Colorists: Richard and Tanya Horie, Letterer: Travis Lanham, Cover: Scott Clark

Chris Conroy: Editor


Continuing from Teen Titans #9 Superboy and Wondergirl wake up on the Mysterious Island of mystery. So mysterious that the whole island is a question mark. While Superboy and Wondergirl search the island for their fellow Teen Titans they are attacked by a T-Rex. They beat the dino senseless and decide to camp out for the night. Superboy and Wondergirl share a few things about themselves. They share their real names to each other and Wondergirl teaches Superboy how to eat. When Superboy asks about her magic armor Wondergirl flies off. As Superboy goes to apologizes it appears they’re going to kiss when Wondergirl punches Superboy in the face for trying to kill her in an early issue of Teen Titans. Superboy then discovers a trap door to underneath the island where their old friend the T-Rex is waiting for them.


This was a nice break from the giant crossover that just happened. However I have problems with Superboy and Teen Titans in that they can’t seem to stay separate. In order to understand both books you have to be reading both books. Both books also have a problem with payoff. Scott Lobdell foreshadows and hints at a lot of future plot points but doesn’t reveal a thing. Take for instance last months Culling crossover. Nothing new was revealed about the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E. that isn’t already known. Harvest is still as big a question mark as the island Superboy and Wondergirl are on. Why and how Superboy was created have yet to be answered. Lobdell even does it with Wondergirl in this issue when Superboy asks her about her armor. It’s no longer foreshadowing it’s more like reading a comic written by someone on ADHD. Besides the cock teases its a nice quite issue to read. And the guest artist should stick around for a few issues I like him better than the regular artist even though he draws really bushy eyebrows on Wondergirl.

Comic Book of the Week goes to : Batman #10 : For having a twist that doesn’t cheat the reader (take note M. Night).

Done for this week… what’s that drunk Superman…

I love booze!!!!

~ by Andrew Braid on June 18, 2012.

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