The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

So  Bioware has gone the route of George Lucas and decided to change what has already been published. The question is: is it truly better?  Read on and find out.


Well after a huge fan uprising Bioware buckled to the masses of Mass Effect fandom who wanted a change to the endings. Many fans felt that the endings didn’t A) allow for the choice that the rest of the game simulates, B) give clarity onto what happend after the end, and C) explain how squad members made it back on to the Normandy. For your viewing pleasure here are some of the possible endings provided by and Youtube.

The Good

The new extended cut fixes a lot of the complaints that fans have. All in all most of the changes made are great. Bioware added a few additional cut scenes and a run down on characters and places visited after the Reaper invasion. I do believe that this is a better ending. Most of the ending is done in a motion comic style that is very similar to the endings in Fallout series. Bioware added a new choice with the refusal ending and the motion comic portion changes based on the many choices made through out the games. This new ending walks the fine line between too much closure and not enough very well.

The Bad

However 0ne of my favorite moments was ruined because of the extended cut. In order to reconcile what many fans believed to be a goof, Bioware wanted to explain how your other squad members got back on the Normandy. In doing so Bioware added a cut scene right before Sheppard gets blasted to show the other squad members getting injured and leaving the battle. Imagine the scene at the end of the movie Glory where everyone is rushing the Confederate base. Now imagine during the rush the movie showed two guys that got a sprained ankle and hobbled away. It would have killed that moment if the director did that. Bioware did just that with the new scene added in.

 The Ugly

Most of all as great as the new ending is it’s still very disappointing that Bioware went back and had to hold the loud and obnoxious fans hand’s while explaining their ending. I was a little disappointed that the original ending didn’t give me more in the way of closure, but I felt that the game could not be ruined by how it ends. Also too much closure is over rated; just look at the Matrix sequels. People focus too heavily on the results when it comes to story, but sometimes like in real life it doesn’t end like you expect. The journey should always be far better than the end.

Closing Comments

These new endings are more in line with RPG’s that give you that choose your adventure type of choice. While I think creators shouldn’t go back and tinker with their work after its been released to the public, this isn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. Now STOP COMPLAINING and LEAVE IT ALONE.

I’m done what do you think drunk Superman…

It’s like that episode of the Simpsons where they show that the old folks home changes the ending to Gone with the Wind.

~ by Andrew Braid on June 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut”

  1. While I agree with most of your observations about the “Extended Cut,” there is one thing I would like to point out. I really do feel like BioWare’s new endings are a big “FUCK YOU,” to everyone who complained. Most of the people who spent months bitching and complaining about the original ending are now saying “THIS is what we wanted all along. Thank you, BioWare!” In reality, the endings aren’t all that different from the original. All that has changed is that they clarified things that were obviously implied in the originals (Shep controls the reapers, all synthetics and organics are now a combination of both, or all synthetics are dead), added a stirring speech to make it seem emotionally weighty, and showed images that the world continued turning. There were no revelations that changed my perception of what happened at the end of the series which just goes to show that most people are retarded and BioWare happily used that fact to trick them into thinking they got new clarity in these endings when in reality, it’s the same damn thing in a shiny new package. Good for you, BioWare.

  2. Agreed. Just as I said in the blog its Bioware way of holding the hand of the complainers. Besides the refusal ending nothing new is really added.

  3. Unless you count Liara’s recorded message for the future, but even then, she told Shep earlier in the game that she was building that.

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