Spoiling This Week in DC Comics : 20th of June 2012

Hey if you want to read the rundown on what has happened in DC comics this last week keep on clicking, if not then get lost.

Batwoman # 10

Brought to you by

J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman: Writers, Trevor McCarthy: Artist

Guy Major: Colorist, Todd Klein: Letterer, J.H. Williams III: Cover

Rickey Purdin: Asst. Editor, Harvey Richards: Assoc editor, Mike Marts: Editor

The Rundown

Sune is revealed to be Maro Ito. Maro has orchestrated a complex coup to usurp Falchion’s power base. Maggie Sawyer is still working on the missing children case when she calls someone who maybe a woman on the side. Agent Chase fights an upgraded Killer Croc who kills one of  her agents. Jacob Kane still mourns over her youngest daughter Bette who is still in a coma.

My Thoughts

Now that I finally got the hang of the time jumping aspect of this story arch I find that I actually am enjoying this book a lot more. It’s great to see that DC is bringing back the D.E.O. and Agent Chase.

Birds of Prey # 10

Brought to you by

Writer: Duane Swierczynki, Artist: Travel Foreman, Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb

Letterer: Dave Sharpe, Cover: Foreman with Eltaeb,

Assistant Editor: Rickey Purdin, Editor: Rachel Gluckstern

The Rundown

The Birds try to revive their partner: Poison Ivy. Last Issue Ivy sacrificed herself to freeze the Talon that the gang was after. Ivy said if anything happens to her body is to be taken to where the Green is the strongest. They are attacked by drug smugglers and crash in  a jungle. While they are on the ground the ladies escape from a herd of swamp monsters. Thanks to Black Canary doing her best Banshee impression ( a rope bridge breaks and Canary uses her sonic scream to levitate across the chasm to repair it) the team escapes and revive Poison Ivy.

My Thoughts

After a huge lack of the Canary cry in this series its cool to see that Dinah Lance is still a badass. I’m growing more and more fond of Sterling and how shady she is. In my opinion shes the one to watch in the series. I can’t wait to see how Poison Ivy is connected to the Green besides the obvious.

Blue Beatle #10

Brought to you by

Tony Bedard : Writer, IG Guara: Penciller, J.P. Mayer: Inker

Pete Pantazis: Colorist, Dezi Sienty: Letterer, Paul Renaud: Cover,

Harvey Richards: Editor

The Rundown

Out of Curiosity Jamie (Blue Beetle) goes to check out the D.E.O after he finds out they have been spying on him the entire time he has been in NY. The D.E.O. captures him after an alien inmate outs the Scarab he wears to be part of the intergalactic conquers known as the Reach. Director of the D.E.O., Mr. Bones, experiments and tortures  Jamie. Bones then offers him a job when he finds out that underneath the suit he is human and in control of the Scarab. Jamie declines the job offer and busts out of the torture room. Meanwhile at the TMZ inspired Super Fail, Booster Gold busts in their writers room.

My Thoughts

I like this book. Jamie can’t seem to get a break and he tends to attract more problems then he’s able to solve. Great to see the D.E.O. has a bigger presence in the DCU.  Booster guest starring next issue could be interesting.

Captain Atom #10

Brought to you by

J.T. Krul/ Freddie Willams II Writer/Artist/Storytellers

Jose Villarrubia: Colorist, Rob Leigh: Letterer, Mike Choi: Cover

Rickey Purdin: Asst. Editor, Rachel Gluckstern: Editor

The Rundown

Captain Atom and his future selves (yep plural) battles his future future self that destroyed the world (silly ain’t it). While our present day Captain Atom fights his beastly future self, a version of Captain Atom travels back in time and prevents Nathan from saving that boy from cancer (as seen in an earlier issue). Preventing the miracle cure makes Nathan doubt his ability so he never develops the god complex and therefore never destroys the world. History is changed. Captain Atom Splits into two: One Captain Atom/One human looking Nathaniel. Captain Atom does this so he can go on a date with Ranita.

My Thoughts

Wow talk about a head fuck of a comic book. I don’t really care for the Dr. Manhattan esque Captain Atom.  And before you say it I know Dr. Manhattan was based on the Charlton Comics Captain Atom. I still prefer  the Captain Atom pre-Flashpoint. This book is on the bubble of being canceled and I honestly won’t care when it is.

Catwoman #10

Brought to you by

Written by Judd Winick, Art  by Guillem March, Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual, Cover by Guillem March,

Assistant Editor : Rickey Purdin, Editor: Rachel Gluckstern

The Rundown

Taking a break from stealing, Catwoman tries to figure out who has been kidnapping prostitutes off the street. She finds the kidnapper but he gets away before she can find out who he is. Sparks, Catwoman’s partner in crime, confronts her on her quest. Selina says she was once kidnapped when she walked the streets and no one looked for her. She then kisses Sparks (of coarse) The kidnapper is a doctor who is harvesting organs from junkies and hookers, selling said organs on the black market, and then turning their bodies into mannequins. Catwoman pays a visit to the detective that is investigating her, and Sparks is in league with the corrupt Cops that Catwoman stole from.

My Thoughts

I really like the art in this book. The light pencil and color look really plays well in this issue. The story is alright but my one problem is that this new villain reminds me too much of the Dollmaker that plagued Detective Comics a few months ago.

DC Universe Presents #10

James Robinson : Writer, Bernard Chang: Artist and Colorist

Steve Wands: Letterer, Ryan Sook: Cover Artist,

Wil Most and Eddie Berganza: Editors


Continuing from the last issue, F.B.I agent Kass Savage busts her Father, Johnathan Vandal Savage, out of jail to help track a copycat killer. This is the same Immortal Vandal Savage that is in Demon Knights. Vandal shows his F.B.I. daughter that he murdered people to retain his immortality, but in order to do so he has to sacrifice victims in specific places. After Vandal shows Kass where he would sacrifice the latest victim he is taken away. Vandal realizes the copycat is setting a trap, but none of the F.B.I. agents believe him. Vandal breaks loose as  Kass Savage is kidnapped by the copycat killer.

My Thoughts

Even though this is an obvious rip off of Silence of the Lambs its a fun reintroduction to Vandal Savage in the present day.

Green Lantern Corps #10

Brought to you by

Peter J. Tomasi: Story and Words, Fernando Pasarin: Penciller

Scott Hanna: Inkers, Gabe Eltaeb: Colorist,  Pasarin, Hanna and Eltaeb: Cover

Darren Shan: Assistant Editor, Brian Cunningham and Matt Idelson: Editor

The Rundown

John Stewart is sentenced to death for the murder of Kirrt Kallack. Guy Gardner, Kilowog and many other lanterns are not happy about this. Stewart accepts his punishment and asks that he apologizes to the family of the recently dead. Meanwhile the Alpha Lanterns are charged with carrying out the execution. Guy Gardner and the other Lanterns bust John out of jail but the Alpha Lanterns shut their rings off.

My Thoughts

I hope that they soon stop with the evil Guardian angle that has been going on for far too long in the Green Lantern books.On the other hand I’m curious on how this will play out, because they are obviously building towards something.

Legion of Super-heroes #10

Brought to you buy

Paul Levitz: Writer, Francis Portela: Artist P. 1-7, 12-16

Andres Guinaldo: Penciller P. 8-11, 17-20, Dan Green: Inker P. 8-11, 17-20

Dezi Sienty: Letterer, Javier Mena: Colorist, Steve Lightle and Guy Major: cover

Chris Conroy: Editor

The Rundown

After a failed attempt by Cosmic Boy to find evidence of the Dominonators kidnapping of Braniac 5 and Dream Girl, the United Planets forbids any Legion Interaction with the Dominon. Star Boy says fuck this and quits the Legion so he can take a small team ( Duplicate Damsel, Mwindaji, Otaki, Comet Queen, and Bouncing Boy) to rescue his girl and “Pet Genius.”

My Thoughts

Not a fan of the Legion. With a history that can make an X-Men fan say what the fuck, and a cast of characters that can make an X-men fan say really what the fuck, its hard to jump onboard even with the reboot. I think this book works best when it focuses on one or two characters in a kind of Showcase sort of way. This issue was mostly setup for the small team to rescue Brainy and Dream Girl. So we’ll see how this will pay off next month.

Nightwing #10

Brought to you by

Kyle Higgins : Writer, Eddy Barrows and Geraldo Borges : Pencils

Eber Ferreira and Ruy Jose: Inks, Rod Reis : Colors,

Carlos M. Mangual: Letters,  Barrows, Ferreira and Reis: Cover

Katie Kubert: Assistant Editor, Brian Cunningham: Editor.

The Rundown

Nightwing has been framed for the murder of two brothers and he is trying to clear his name. The case leads him further down the rabbit hole to a cop who has an apparent hard on for making life hell for Batman and the rest of his posse. The cop’s name is Detective Nie and he has apparent connections to a group called the Republic of Tomorrow. Also Dick Grayson is looking to make Haley’s Circus a permanent fixture in Gotham, however by trying to make this an independent business venture he can only get a loan from Tony Zucco’s daughter, Sonia. Lastly, Nightwing sneaks into Republic of Tomorrow but is discovered by Paragon the Republic’s leader.

My Thoughts

Nightwing has been solid since the reboot happened, and its all due to the creative team. I like the direction this creative group is taking Dick by having him go back to his roots to create his own legacy. However I do have a problem with this issue, and that is again with another secret organization. We just had a huge story with the Court of Owls which was a secret organization.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #10

Brought to you by

Written by Scott Lobdell, Art by Kenneth Rocafort, Colors by Blond,

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual, Cover by Rocafort and Blond,

Asst. Editors Kate Kubert and Darren Shan, Editors: Bobbie Chase and Eddie Berganza.

The Rundown

Kori is attacked by an unknown alien while she is asleep with Roy. The alien falls out of the hotel Kori is staying at and breaks up a stroll that Jason and his date are on. A short battle between Jason and the alien ensues, but is stopped by Kori who now recognizes the alien as her old friend Orn. Apparently Kori’s home planet of Tamaran is in trouble and only Kori can stop it. Jason and Roy protest but are dragged along for the ride. Jason’s date is also brought along simply because she was standing to close to the teleport beam. Turns out that Kori was a commander of her own starcruzer called the Starfire.  Starfire is staffed with a few Tamaranians aliens of unknown origin and a Dominator. Tamaran has been attacked by the Blight, but instead of wiping the planet off the face of the Galaxy (per the usual), the Blight disabled the primary defense weapons and have been waiting for Kori to fight.

Backup story

Brought to you by

Writer: Scott Lobdell, Artist: Arid Anindito, Colors: Blond, Letters Dezi Sienty.

The Rundown

This tale features Essence as she hunts down a gang of convicts led by an Untitled. This particular Untitled found a weapon called the Life Hammer and it does… something? Essence dispatches the convict followers with ease but is caught by the Untitled and his Life Hammer power glove thing.

My Thoughts

The minute you stop and think about anything that happens in the book you can see its full of holes. We still don’t know anything about the main characters other than little tid-bits that are constantly repeated. We know Jason Todd died, We know Kori is an alien, and we know Arsenal was a junkie. Beyond that we the reader know absolutely nothing about these three. These new aliens that appeared in this issue are just cookie cutter aliens. We don’t really know whats going on at all. This book takes you for a ride, too bad there is so many holes in the road.

Supergirl #10

Brought to you by

Micheal Green and Mike Johnson: Writers, Mahmud Asrar: Artist,

Dave McCaig: Colorist, Rob Leigh: Letterer, Asrar and McCaig: Cover

Wil Moss: Editor

The Rundown

Supergirl is trapped inside Black Banshee’s soul, as seen in the last issue. While inside she is plagued with memories from her time on Krypton. When her memories conflict with what happened in front of her she is attacked by Black Banshee who is a dragon. Supergirl escapes and finds Banshee son, Tom Smythe, who has been trapped inside for at least a decade. Supergirl realizes that she has a limited amount of control of the universe inside BB soul. Kara fashions two swords and armor and defeats Black Banshee. She and Tom get kicked out of Black Banshee. Siobahn, Black Banshee’s daughter and the Silver Banshee, absorbs her father defeating him. Supergirl reunites the brother and sister and flee the scene. Meanwhile in an underground bunker: a soldier with a sophisticated camo armor shapeshifts into several people. It’s mission is to hunt Supergirl.

My Thoughts

Nice conclusion to this arch. I’m glad that an effort is being made to make Supergirl distinct from Superman. In the past it was always either really confusing to follow or Superman but a girl.  Kara is far more isolated because she doesn’t know English, she didn’t grow up with the culture, and she is far more powerful right out of the rocket ship. Next to Action Comics this is the best book in the Superman family of comics.

Wonder Woman #10

Brought to you by

Brian Azzarello : Writer, Kano: Artist p. 1-9, Tony Akins: Pencils p. 10-20,

Dan Green: inks p. 10-20, Matthew Wilson: Colorist, Jared K Fletcher: Letters,

Cliff Chiang: Cover, Chris Conroy: Assoc. Editor, Matt Idelson: Editor

The Rundown

Wonder Woman is in the midst of her wedding with Hades. Hades, not trusting Wonder Woman when she says that she loves him, uses Wonder Woman’s own lasso of truth as a noose. If she is lying he kills her if not the wedding proceedes. Wonder Woman says she indeed does love Hades and then promptly escapes. Hades sends all of hell to recapture his bride to be. Wonder Woman meets up with Hephaestus, Eros, and Lennox who are there to attend the wedding/rescue of Wonder Woman. Hades fights all of them but is stopped when the goddess Strife interjects with a fist through Hades head. Hades asks how Wonder Woman tricked him when she was forced to tell the truth. She says that she loves everyone so she technically wasn’t lying. Hades disillusioned in everything that has transpire gives up. Hades drops Eros guns and walks away.  Wonder Woman as she leaves shoots Hades with Eros gun right in the heart.

My Thoughts

This book is awesome. I never thought I would say this about a Wonder Woman comic but it seriously is that good. The art and the writing is fantastic. Not since Greg Rucka’s run on the character have I seen such great use of the classic Greek mythology mixed into the modern era of super heroes.

Book of the week: Wonder Woman# 10

So that’s it take it away drunk Superman

I’m drinking because I read Captain Atom

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